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Simon Cowell Ain’t Marrying Shit, Regroups In Mezghan Hussainy’s Vagina

If there was ever one photograph that encompasses what it’s like to date Simon Cowell, it’s this one. “That blowjob was absolutely dreadful. Ohmygod, are you still in the car?”

Despite Lauren Silverman telling everyone Simon Cowell’s going to make an honest woman out of her, he has absolutely no plans to, and… More »

So Who Wants To See The Nipples On The Married Woman Simon Cowell Knocked Up?

If part of Lauren Silverman’s plan was to get knocked up by Simon Cowell and then have everyone see her nipples through her shirt, that part’s going awesome. If the other part was to still get a ton of money out of Simon’s best friend who she’s still married to on top of the money… More »

Simon Cowell Knocked Up His Best Friend’s Wife

So Simon Cowell apparently knocked up Lauren Silverman the estranged, yet technically still married wife to Simon’s best friend Andrew Silverman. Because if there’s one thing the British love it’s the sweet tang of incest. “And rape!” says Jame Bond. “The sweet tang of rape. I say that in my first book. True story.” UsMore »