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Hayden Panettiere wears short shorts and other news

- David Letterman’s mistress was apparently a regular on sketches. [PopEater]

- Katy Perry and Russell Brand might be having weird, Britishy sex. [Lainey Gossip]

- Rihanna wears more crazy shit in Paris. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Ashlee Simpson is getting tired of Pete Wentz. It’s a good thing… More »

Kendra Wilkinson’s inflating breasts and other news

- Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prince of Persia official photo looks Middle Eastern. Not counting Jake. [Lainey Gossip]

- Nick Lachey has never stopped loving Jessica Simpson. Which is why he’s going to need to bang a bunch of strippers before deciding to get back together. Because of all the love. [Celebslam]

- JimMore »

Kim Kardashian just lowered property values

- Lauren Conrad claims Ryan Gosling hit on her. Does he like them boring? I forget. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jenna Fischer is engaged. That’s what she said. (See what I did there?) [PopEater]

- Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel aren’t broken up. Just unhappily drifting through life’s menial chores together. Whee? More »

Stephanie Pratt: ‘The Hills made me bulimic’

Following in the footsteps of her older brother Spencer, Stephanie Pratt will do anything for the cover of Us Weekly. Even if it includes claiming the entire cast of The Hills caused her to skip the gym and go right to bulimia. Those diabolical bitches:

The 5-foot-7 23-year-old reveals she began bingeing and… More »

Jessica Simpson isn’t entirely frightening me anymore

- Jessica Simpson has not eaten Tony Romo yet. Just keeping everybody updated. [Lainey Gossip]

- Emilie de Ravin (LOST) is divorcing her husband just in time to star in a movie with Robert Pattinson. Hopefully they remember not to get pregnant on the island. [Just Jared]

- Paris Hilton’s first BFF… More »

MTV Movie Awards 2009

Here’s an assload of shots from the 2009 MTV Movie Awards last night. I don’t really have much to say about a program that recognizes Twilight as a superior film than The Dark Knight except we’re basically doomed as a civilization. Oh, and also, Lauren Conrad looks fucking ridiculous, Cameron Diaz is old and… More »

David Letterman to Lauren Conrad: ‘I’d watch your sex tape’

Lauren Conrad stopped by David Letterman last night where he admitted he would’ve liked to see the sex tape of her that was rumored to exist. Wow. Seriously, Dave? Because I’m pretty sure I could describe it to you:

Imagine a pitch dark room. Absolutely nothing but blackness. And the only sound is the… More »

Lauren Conrad in a bikini

Here’s The Hills star Lauren Conrad on the beach with her boyfriend Kyle Howard. And, seriously, even in a bikini top I’m still bored to tears by this girl. For science’s sake, I tried staring at Lauren to see if I could muster any attraction at all for her and, just as I started to… More »

Lauren Conrad’s clothing line stops production

Lauren Conrad is putting her clothing line on hiatus and blames the economy, according to Page Six:

Some showrooms got a message from her camp saying, “In light of the economic climate, Lauren has decided to completely rethink her line.” As a result, shipment of the last spring and summer delivery has been canceled,… More »

Lauren Conrad leaving The Hills. ZOMG!

Lauren Conrad tells Seventeen magazine she’s walking from The Hills after the upcoming fifth season:

“My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it’s still a great thing.. I always want to remember it that way.”

HA! I had no idea this chick told jokes. More »

Stephanie Pratt in a bikini

Seen here in Hawaii with the cast of The Hills, here’s Stephanie Pratt who I mistakenly identified as Lauren Bosworth yesterday because I have a sense of dignity and a penis. Anyway, I also included pics of Lauren Conrad eating chips on the beach and not wearing a bikini. Just in case there’s any doubt… More »

Audrina Patridge tries on bikinis

Audrina Patridge tried on bikinis yesterday while her Hills co-star Lauren Conrad sat and watched which, I’m guessing, was tantamount to torture for two reasons: 1. Lauren probably can’t pour her coffee in the morning without getting slapped silly by Audrina’s insane breast gap. 2. It’s never fun to be reminded that when you wearMore »

David Letterman really starting to hate those Hills kids

David Letterman is growing visibly tired with having the “stars” of MTV’s The Hills on his show. Last night Lauren Conrad stopped by and you can tell Dave wasn’t in the sunshine up-the-ass blowing mood. Check out his comments:

On Lauren Conrad’s constant drama:
“That raises the question, maybe you’re the problem. You think? More »

Lauren Conrad might be out of a job

MTV’s ratings juggernaut The Hills may end after this season proving that perhaps there is a God after all. Turns out these jackasses, including the Laurens (above), are holding out for more money and fail to realize they could be easily replaced with chimps. Which would probably make the show exponentially more watchable. (Provided the… More »

Audrina Patridge started rumor about herself for publicity: FAIL

Because I love you guys I try to post about The Hills as little as possible. That being said, I always enjoy an opportunity to point out how ridiculously fake the show and everyone on it is. The latest “hot” rumor is that Lauren Conrad supposedly slept with Audrina Patridge’s on/off boyfriend Justin Bobby (I… More »

Lauren Conrad writing teen fiction novels because kids today just aren’t vapid enough

Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills and the only person alive with the personality of oatmeal, has inked a three book deal with Harper Collins. Lauren will write a series of teen fiction novels called “L.A. Candy” which will mirror elements of her own life, according to the AP:

“I’ve always loved books that… More »

Heidi Montag is a ‘cheap’ whore, says fashion industry (I might’ve added the whore part)

In a glaring example the Apocalypse is at hand, The Hills is a hot commodity these days. Major fashion designers send thousands of dollars worth of clothing to Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. However, Heidi Montag is left out of this circle of love because, obviously, she has the public persona of a… More »

Lauren Conrad is a shitty neighbor

Lauren Conrad’s neighbors would like to see her and Audrina Patridge relocate sooner rather than later. Preferably somewhere where bombs are tested. Production for The Hills is making life goddamn ridiculous for people on the girls’ street. Radar Online has the details:

On the never ending light show:
The neighbor continued, saying, “they’re running… More »

Heidi Montag flaps her monster yap on Letterman

Heidi Montag stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman* last night (video after the jump) where she expanded on the revived rumors about Lauren Conrad’s sex tape. While looking like Barbie’s sister with Extra Chin Power, Heidi went through her usual schtick about The Hills before reiterating the existence of the tape, according to… More »

Jason Wahler: Lauren Conrad sex tape doesn’t exist

Lauren Conrad’s ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler is denying that a sex tape of Lauren exists. Heidi and Spencer were on The Tyra Banks Show yesterday and claimed the rumors about the tape are absolutely true. Heidi even claimed that Jason was trying to sell it. Us Magazine reports:

“I do not have a… More »

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