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Shia LaBeouf Dumps Girlfriend For Chick He Banged In Lars Von Trier’s Indie Porno

Posted by Photo Boy

The last time we heard from Shia LaBeouf he was examining the difference between sex and love and how his new movie explores the space that exists between those things. Unfortunately for Shia’s now ex-girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, that space happened to exist in Mia Goth’s vagina, for whom Karolyn… More »

Kirsten Dunst Throws Lars von Trier Under The Bus

Last week, Danish director Lars von Trier attempted to make a joke about Nazis that was more nonsensical than it was offensive, so naturally the Cannes board of directors banned him from the rest of the festival because apparently Benjamin Millepied didn’t do enough to reinforce French stereotypes. “Non, non, non. You were snooty, but… More »

Lars von Trier: ‘Kirsten Dunst Wants to Do Porn.’ Also, Something About Nazis.

Holy shit, she can walk in daylight. Get to the church!

Because the Internet loves a good Nazi scandal almost as much as its cat photos and porn (In that order.), director Lars von Trier made a couple of nonsensical remarks about being a Nazi at Cannes today prompting the usual politically correct… More »