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Larry Birkhead buys Anna Nicole Smith’s lingerie – for Dannielynn (That’s not creepy.)

Larry Birkhead, like any widowed father, wants to make sure daughter Dannielynn has something to remember her mother Anna Nicole Smith by. Unfortunately, this sentiment involves buying two pieces of lingerie that Anna Nicole wore during a Playboy shoot. Did I mention one of them was ridiculously stained? Because it is. It’s like you can… More »

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter officially her heir

Dannielynn Smith is officially the heir of her late mother Anna Nicole Smith, according to a court ruling yesterday. Anna Nicole’s will had only listed her late son Daniel as a heir, but it also stated that her fortune should be divided equally between any other future children. The AP reports:

Dannielynn… More »

Larry Birkhead’s life is straight out of the Bible

Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn, “fake-posed” at the grave of Anna Nicole’s dead son Daniel. Mark Speer, a former bodyguard for Larry, gave the NY Daily News an earful on Larry’s saint-like activities:

On “fake-posing” at Daniel’s grave
“One day he said he wanted to go to… More »