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Good Morning, Lara Stone Bikini Photos, And Other News

Chris Rock might bail on the Oscars or shit in its face. [Lainey Gossip]

Courtney Stodden is still a thing that’s out there. [Dlisted]

Dr. Phil sounds like an awesome boss. [TMZ]

Does MS make you sleep with Turtle? *ducks* [IDLYITW]

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Justin Bieber’s Bulge Is A Lie, Too

UPDATE: Apparently these Photoshopped pics are fake Photoshops, and Justin Bieber has enough money to make his personal trainer tell TMZ he has a giant dick, so we’re all doomed. – SW

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Since I’ve already posted about one scantily clad little girl today and Fish knows it’s… More »

Justin Bieber’s Pubes Are A Lie

If you’re like me, you spent hours (that turned into days, weeks, months…) intently studying Justin Bieber’s pubes from his Calvin Klein photo shoot and wondering how the hell they even got there. Hormones? Voodoo? Merkin plugs? Turns out it was Photoshop, according to TMZ. Good ol’ fashioned Photoshop. Which means someone walked into work… More »

Aw, Shit, It’s #BBare In His #CKs (#DatBulgeTho)

It’s been a New Jack City minute since we checked in on my boy #BBare as in ladies be gettin’ bare for my boy Justin #BBare, Blackest Son of Krypton. But mostly Canada. Anyway, here’s da smoofest mothafucka dis side of Smooftown gettin’ down to his drawers for Calvin & Hobbes because ain’t nuttin’ gay… More »

Why Y’All Booing Justin #BBare? Dat’s Racism!

Lemme get this all straight: Jennifer Lopez can flash her granny ass all over da stage, but da second my sexy, young boy #BBare gives y’all some dark sexual chocolate, mothafuckas be booing his ass? Dat’s some Rodney King shit right here. Next you gonna tell me my boy can’t drink from da same water… More »