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The Shannon Twins Got In A DUI Accident Trying To Get Nipple Rings

Karissa and Kristina Shannon almost killed themselves and anyone else on the road trying to get nipple rings. Winning at life: ACHIEVED. More »

How The Hell Is Pete From ‘Smallville’ Banging More Twins? We’re Talking About This

Right up until the minute Sam Jones III went to jail for being the Oxy King of Hollywood, he was banging Karissa Shannon and presumably her sister because drug money is still money. Now he’s with The Howe Twins because 34 years ago, Hugh Hefner went, “Mmm, I want some chocolate,” followed nine months later… More »

The Shannon Twins Almost Make Me Regret That Stuff I Said About America, Almost, And Other News

- Katy Perry tainted America’s birthday by having sex with John Mayer. [Lainey Gossip]

– Same goes for Selena Gomez. [Dlisted]

- Soooo… You Got Wasted: ‘Merica Edition [theCHIVE]

– Hey, celebrities, maybe stop tweeting for a second and look at a firework. Just a thought. [tooFab]

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Hugh Hefner’s Gonna Make It

“This isn’t my oatmeal!”

Here’s Hugh Hefner hosting his sixth annual Kandyland bash with his new girlfriend Anna Sophia Berglund because I guarantee he’s just picking them like numbers at a deli counter now. “Whore-der #73! 73? You 73? I made a poop.” But while he spent the evening pretending he knows what… More »

Karissa Shannon’s in a Bikini Again

Sam Jones III’s only claim to fame is playing Pete Ross for three seasons of Smallville and having sex with Playmate Karissa Shannon. Yet that scant level of celebrity status still allowed him to fly to Cancun while awaiting sentencing for being the “Hollywood connection” in a major oxycodone trafficking ring, according to TMZ:
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Karissa Shannon Likes Kissing Girls and Other News

- Sandra Bullock was NOT photographed with Jesse James. [Popeater]

- James Franco is reading Twilight because he eventually wants to write “children’s literature.” [Lainey Gossip]

- Alanis Morissette is pregnant. [Dlisted]

- Sofia Vergara’s breasts outside Jimmy Kimmel Live. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Kelly Brook naked in… More »

Hugh Hefner’s new twin girlfriends have an assault record (I’m aroused)

Hugh Hefner has already found replacements for Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson. His two new ladies are twin sisters Karissa and Kristina Shannon (pictured on each side of Hugh.) But it turns out these two have a history of beating the living crap out of people and are BOTH on probation for a bar brawl… More »