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Courtney Stodden’s Mom Regrets Selling Her To Doug

Courtney Stodden’s Mom Is Getting Her Own Porn Offers

Courtney Stodden’s mom is getting her own porn offers because, let’s be honest, the Internet wants to see everyone naked. EVE-RY-ONE. More »

Courtney Stodden’s Mom Quits Because of Sex Tape

Courtney Stodden’s mom resigns as her manager because of The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape which is apparently worse than letting a teenager marry a 50-year-old man. … More »

Courtney Stodden Told 14-Year-Old Ariel Winter To Marry Her 18-Year-Old Boyfriend, Of Course

For everyone whose job doesn’t involve wearing pajama pants and reading TMZ all day, 14-year-old Modern Family star Ariel Winter emancipated herself from her, by all accounts, abusive, controlling stage mom and moved in with her sister who had to emancipate herself at the same age to escape similar abuse. In response, Ariel’s mother has… More »

Courtney Stodden’s Mom Wants Her Own Reality Show Now, Of Course

“Why spend money sending your daughter to college when implants cost less than one semester?” – Read More in Redbook

If Kris Jenner has taught us anything, it’s that America rewards mothers who whore out their daughters then climb atop of said whoring for their own fame and fortune while discarding their children… More »

Courtney Stodden Wears Lingerie To Bake With Her Mom. Who Doesn’t?

“So are we making a batch that don’t have your tits in them or is there not enough time before the bake sale?”

Another week, another round of staged Courtney Stodden pics that have to make Heidi and Spencer kick themselves for not saying Heidi was eight. Anyway, this time around we have… More »