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Kris Humphries’ Rebound Made A Sex Tape Called ‘The Anti-Kim’

Myla Sinanaj was Kris Humphries’ rebound after Kim Kardashian ended their fake marriage contract early and she’s already demonstrated such Kim-like skills as sloth and lying out her ass, so why not add a sex tape and complete the whole package? Plus it’s not like it’s hard to sell one these days because they’ll literally… More »

If Anyone Gives A Shit, Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Settled Their Divorce

We have grave questions on our plate today from asking how truly vulnerable we are to domestic terrorism to how legal residents were able to stockpile a goddamn arsenal of explosives, firearms and rocket launchers, but what’s really on everyone’s mind is when are Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries finally going to settle that divorce… More »

Kim Kardashian Admits Kanye West Knocked Her Up Then Fled The Country

While in court yesterday to settle her divorce from Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian basically admitted she’s been apart from Kanye West longer than they’ve been together. Or in other words, he moved to Paris and left her ass in LA carrying his baby. RadarOnline reports:

And it comes as rumblings are growing that… More »

Kanye West Has Two Sex Tapes Now, Kim Kardashian Might Be In The First One After All

TMZ reports there’s a second sex tape featuring Kanye West being shopped around now, although I’m starting to think this is all just him preemptively laying the groundwork for when he’s single again based on lines like this:

Both tapes are impressively long — the first is roughly twenty minutes … and the… More »

Kim Kardashian Thinks Criticism For Her Fake Marriage Is Just Like Having Cancer

When I first heard that Kim Kardashian had an interview in The Guardian, my first reaction was to roll my eyes and just assume it was some sort of puff piece about whatever the fuck she’s shilling now. Turns out it’s loaded with enough dry British wit calling out her vapidness to make me want… More »

Kris Humphries Sued For Allegedly Giving A Woman Herpes, Woman Sadly Not Kim Kardashian

A year before agreeing to be Kim Kardashian’s fake husband, Kris Humphries allegedly had unprotected sex with a woman who claims he gave her herpes and is now suing him for it because apparently you can do that now. Anyone know what the payout is for the clap? No reason. RadarOnline reports:

“Once… More »

Kim Kardashian Broke Kris Humphries’ Parent’s Marriage, Too

Probably because they made a son stupid enough to think Kim Kardashian wouldn’t screw him over the second she needed a new storyline for her show, Kris Humphries’ parents are getting a divorce which I’m also going to blame being exposed to Kris Jenner for because she’s fucking Satan. These poor people never stood a… More »

So Kris Humphries Didn’t Get Myla Sinanaj Pregnant Because She Made The Whole Thing Up

So remember last week when Kris Humphries’s rebound Myla Sinanaj claimed he knocked her up? Turns out she made the whole thing up and isn’t even pregnant which she apparently thinks the above pic proves because we’re dealing with a mental giant. TMZ reports:

Myla was out in Jersey earlier today, where a… More »

Kris Humphries Got His Rebound From Kim Kardashian Pregnant Like A Genius

It’s no secret Kris Humphries is a gullible idiot, so it only makes sense that he’d follow a spectacularly fake and scripted marriage to Kim Kardashian (That I genuinely believe he thought was real because did I mention idiot?) with knocking up a gold-digger who’s first reaction to finding out she’s pregnant was to immediately… More »

Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Was So Staged By Kris Jenner It Had A Reshoot, Says Kris Humphries

Just some quick background before I get into covering the most obvious fact ever posted on this site: Kris Humphries is fucking terrible at dating women. Just terrible. So right now he’s currently embroiled in a legal battle with Myla Sinanaj his rebound from Kim Kardashian who’s selling everything she found out during her relationship… More »

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