Kim Kardashian Wedding


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Kim Kardashian Wants To Buy Back The Rights To Her Sex Tape

A “mystery buyer” (Read: Kim Kardashian.) has reportedly hired a Tennessee lawyer to purchase all the rights to Kim Kardashian Sex Tape from Vivid, so just assume this is the result of Kim’s fake wedding – [Edit: Which I’m now realizing was nothing more than a fundraiser for this little adventure.] – being overshadowed by… More »

Kris Jenner Manages Kris Humphries Now

Because Kris Jenner runs the tightest Sasquatch whorehouse in Beverly Hills, it only makes sense that she’s going to manage Kris Humphries’ career now because that’s what good mother-in-laws with the same name as you do after talking you into an entirely fake marriage to their daughters. It’s their way of saying, “Welcome to the… More »

Kris Jenner Wanted Christina Aguilera To Play Kim’s Wedding For Free

Kim Kardashian’s wedding is now close to hauling in $17.9 million, so naturally Kris Jenner expected Jennifer Lopez or Christina Aguilera to perform for free because she’s a crazy person who actually believes her daughter is a legitimate celebrity with star power others can’t help but gravitate towards. Via Reality TV Magazine:

According… More »

BREAKING: Lindsay and Dina Consumed Alcohol To Prevent Tremors

Phew, Lindsay’s in the front seat. For a minute there I thought this poor bastard wasn’t going to get paid.

Seen here leaving Kim Kardashian’s wedding every shade of freckle-hammered, Lindsay Lohan reportedly spent the entire reception knocking back shots with her mom which is exactly what you want to encourage a recovering… More »

The Whores Had a Whore Wedding: Here’s How Much They Whored

Oh, look, someone got them a white Tiger Woods as a wedding gift. Lucky.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the fact that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got “married” this weekend, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got “married” this weekend. I’m going to try and give this thing as minimal as coverage… More »