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Hey, let’s whore out Miley Cyrus for Sex and the City. Because that’s not at all f-cked up.

Nice to see Warner Bros. finally figured out how to entice 10-year-old girls into watching four cougars drunkenly bang their way through Manhattan. I mean, let’s face it, those kids would’ve just spent that ticket money on candy, so clearly this was the logical move provided you ignore the fact we don’t live in a…

The Superficial / October 18, 2009

Kim Cattrall is that cougar again

Kim Cattrall filmed scenes for Sex and they City 2 in New York today, and here’s a fun fact you should know about her: Anytime I meet a new person, male or female, I secretly hope their mother is Kim Cattrall and she’s rekindled her love affair with scotch. Or made Stove Top exactly one…

The Superficial / September 8, 2009

Sex and the City NYC Premiere: I hope they wear insane dresses. Oh, good!

Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls dazzled New York last night at the premiere of Sex and the City: The Movie. And by dazzled I mean these broads look ridiculous. For a show that’s about fashion you’d figure they’d at least look somewhat hot and not like my high school prom if everyone was 40.

The Superficial / May 28, 2008