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Hey, let’s whore out Miley Cyrus for Sex and the City. Because that’s not at all f-cked up.

Nice to see Warner Bros. finally figured out how to entice 10-year-old girls into watching four cougars drunkenly bang their way through Manhattan. I mean, let’s face it, those kids would’ve just spent that ticket money on candy, so clearly this was the logical move provided you ignore the fact we don’t live in… More »

Kim Cattrall is that cougar again

Kim Cattrall filmed scenes for Sex and they City 2 in New York today, and here’s a fun fact you should know about her: Anytime I meet a new person, male or female, I secretly hope their mother is Kim Cattrall and she’s rekindled her love affair with scotch. Or made Stove Top exactly… More »

Sex and the City NYC Premiere: I hope they wear insane dresses. Oh, good!

Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls dazzled New York last night at the premiere of Sex and the City: The Movie. And by dazzled I mean these broads look ridiculous. For a show that’s about fashion you’d figure they’d at least look somewhat hot and not like my high school prom if everyone was 40. More »