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Kevin Smith Without A Beard Will Eat Your Soul

Kevin Smith smoked a bunch of weed and came up with some movie called Yoga Hosers, and that’s already more than you could ever possibly need to know about that. However, in the process of preparing for his role that will presumably still involve jorts – method acting has its limits – he apparently shavedMore »

Kevin Smith Supposedly Wrote Fake ‘Batman V Superman’ That’s Been ‘Leaked’

Despite directing one of the worst movies of Ben Affleck’s career and not speaking to him for years, Kevin Smith has somehow had unprecedented access to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s development. Turns out he may or may not have been commissioned by Warner Bros. to write a fake script as part of a… More »

Kevin Smith Says Nikki Finke’s DC Comics Movie List Is ‘Completely Legit’

Like any nerd worth his mint on card penis safely sealed in a Mylar bag, Wednesdays are when I scurry down to the local comic shop to spend my hard-earned money on 32-pages of chiseled dudes in tights, and because I can, I’m dragging you down into the mud with me. – *grabs you byMore »

Kevin Smith: ‘Ben Affleck’s Batsuit Is Blue & Grey’

If you’re like me, you’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Ben Affleck’s batsuit and whether or not it possess the ability to make anyone but Zack Snyder direct Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Yup, that’s the title now.) because Man of Steel was a CGI shitshow. Or you’ve just been wondering… More »

Ben Affleck Only Made ‘Daredevil’ Because He Assumed Schumacher Killed The Batman Movies

Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman is probably the greatest thing that could’ve happened to Kevin Smith because now he has a legitimate excuse to tell eight million more stories (all two hours in length) about the movies he’s made with Ben before trying to murder him with Jersey Girl. So here he… More »

Kevin Smith’s gut is a terrorist

Clerks director Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight Saturday night after a flight attendant essentially deemed him too fat to fly. The airline has a policy about not allowing passengers on who can’t put both armrests down which they used as a benchmark for their decision. The incident turned into a… More »

Kevin Smith is so fat…

Kevin Smith has committed himself to losing weight after he wraps up doing press for his latest film Zack and Miri Make a Porno. On his blog he writes, “I’ve porked the f**k out, man. I’m really, really fat right now. Fattest I’ve ever been.” Kevin also revealed to WENN (via IMDB) about… More »