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K-Fed Rapped About Kanye’s Butt Hole. It’s Going To Be A Good Day.

#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch will never die. Even Kevin Federline can’t kill it, and holy shit did he ever try. More »

Kevin Federline Made Another Baby

Kevin Federline’s wife Victoria Prince got her body back into incredible shape after birthing a daughter in 2011, so naturally he’s having none of that and put another baby in her. It’s good to weigh them down when you can only run so fast. If at all. TMZ reports:

Kevin Federline is a… More »

Just A Reminder: This Is Kevin Federline’s Wife

Here’s Victoria Prince promoting some fantasy football league that isn’t important because I prefer my role-playing games the way God intended them with orcs and dragons and masturbating alone in a basement rife with shame and collectible figurines which are the same thing, so that was redundant. Anyway, Kevin Federline is a mullet walrus yet… More »

Kevin Federline’s Apparently Going To Ride This Fat Thing Out

Both Kevin Federline and Britney Spears attended their son’s soccer game yesterday which must’ve been nice for her because, for once, she wasn’t the one everyone kept watching to make sure their kid didn’t get eaten. “Honey, honey, he’s licking his lips. He’s licking his lips! GRAB JIMMY!”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, SplashMore »

UPDATE: Kevin Federline’s ‘Brother’ Claims He’s The Real Father of Sean Preston

“If Stawbucks won’t put whipt cream on mama’s puppy, McDonald’s will!”

Kevin Federline is the case study in man gold-digging, so it only makes sense his brother Christopher grew tired of working for a living and wants in on the Britney Spears’ gravy train now. Except unlike a true Federline he’s still under… More »

From The Desk of The Superficial

“Tell me cheesy bread costs extra… This is my town.”

Top o’ the morning.

If you’ve been following the site for the past two weeks, this is usually around the time a hot chick’s been popping up with a bunch of links to other sites that I assume five of you… More »

Kevin Federline Has 5 Kids Now

Fffft, yup. We’re gonna have us a good ol’ family. Alright, babe, they get mad if those dishes stack up. Pick me up at 8?”

Kevin Federline’s girlfriend Victoria Prince has reportedly birthed his fifth child, a daughter Jordan Kay, according to People, and I can’t even tell you how much money I’d… More »

Kevin Federline Needs ‘Courage’ to Propose to Pregnant Girlfriend

With Kevin Federline’s girlfriend Victoria Prince officially pregnant with his fifth child, the question is whether or not he’ll make an honest woman out of her or continue to live in fear of marriage after his first attempt with Britney Spears. I heard, if he closes his eyes, he can still smell the gurvy ice… More »

Kevin Federline Knocked His Girlfriend Up

Granted, it’s been rumored before that Kevin Federline impregnated his girlfriend Victoria Prince, but until now, there were never photos of Sean Preston rubbing his clearly-gestating sibling and wondering if real mama’s gonna eat this one, too. He knows he ain’t supposed to talk about Jeffie, but how comes they don’t make baby sammiches at… More »

Kacey Jordan Aborted K-Fed’s Baby and Other Stuff She’s Blabbing About

Kacey Jordan has wasted absolutely zero time cashing in on her new fame as one of five – Or four depending on new accounts. – porn stars who serviced Charlie Sheen during his 36-hour coke bender that put him in the hospital last week. Here’s what she’s already spilled in three separate interviews since just… More »

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