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Every Single Lawsuit From Elmo’s Accusers Has Been Thrown Out of Court

Kevin Clash was a young black man from the projects of Baltimore who only had one dream: To work in children’s television like his hero Captain Kangaroo. Through hard work, dedication and talent, he found himself working for Sesame Street Workshop and soon turned a puppet nobody knew what to do with into the most… More »

The Day Elmo Quit Sesame Street

“Elmo wonder how long Mr. Kevin wants to keep looking at that high school. Elmo wonder if that’s leee-gal.”

Despite his first accuser Sheldon Stephens being dropped by his own attorneys for not having a case, Elmo creator Kevin Clash reportedly paid him $125,000 to issue a statement confessing he lied about the… More »

Sheldon Stephens Is Elmo’s Accuser

Because sometimes, but not too often or else it’ll get ideas, the Internet does more than just fill our eyes with delicious porn and babies dressed like Iron Man (No one suggest combining those two. I know you’re thinking about it.), The Smoking Gun has discovered the identity of Kevin Clash’s accuser: 24-year-old Sheldon Stephens,… More »


“Yay for Elmo! YAAYYYYY!! (Little lower, Timmy.) YAAYYYYY!”

On Monday, Sesame Workshop puppeteer and Elmo creator Kevin Clash was accused of having gay sex with a 16-year-old, now twenty-something, who thought it’d be cute to retain the same lawyer as one of Jerry Sandusky’s victims. Kevin immediately denied the accusations and took a… More »

And Elmo’s Being Accused of Having Gay Sex With A Minor, This Is The World We Live In

“Elmo thinks he need lawyer now.”

I may have said this in reference to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, but I’m dead fucking serious this time: Welcome to the exact moment innocence died. Kevin Clash, the man who created Elmo, a character beloved by children everywhere, and whose incredible story of working his… More »