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There’s A Scientology Celebrity Gala?

I’ve been writing this site for over six years now, and I’ve never once heard of a Scientology Celebrity Centre Gala, let alone seen pictures from the inside of one. So for the sake of making me look super observant, let’s pretend this is the first time they let the paparazzi inside to make them… More »

John Travolta Allegedly Tried To Fellate Jeff Conaway While He Was Sleeping

While old accusers drop their lawsuits just in time for new ones to keep coming forward, John Travolta is now being accused of trying to blow his late Grease co-star Jeff Conaway which surprisingly ended their relationship because Hollywood has weird rules that way. Ha, but not us though, right, Photo Boy? (Don’t look me… More »

John Travolta Accused Of Soliciting Third Masseur For Gay Sex, Sends Kelly Preston Into Hiding

As the Internet’s slowly learning this week, apparently if you’re a dude, or even just know a dude, who works/worked in the hospitality industry, at one point you or your friend have been asked to stick your penis in John Travolta’s butt in a completely friendly, just two heterosexual dudes hanging out way because he’s… More »

So John Travolta May Or May Not Have Molested A Man Over Hamburgers

“Golly gee, Mistah Kottah, is that a Red Robin?”

While Photo Boy and I were off not snuggling at The Avengers yesterday, news broke that John Travolta is being sued by a male masseur who claims the actor hired him for a personal massage only to repeatedly grope the man’s penis, then eventually… More »

Kelly Preston Cast in the Gotti Movie

Posted by Photo Boy

Kelly Preston is now set to tackle a truly challenging role opposite real-life husband John Travolta in the upcoming Gotti: Three Generations. People reports:

Steve Honig, a spokesman for the production company, says of Preston, 48: “She’s a terrific actress, and she can really do the role… More »

Charlie Sheen Changes That Kelly Preston Story

Posted by Photo Boy

Charlie Sheen’s public shame showcase otherwise known as “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option” Tour continued in Vancouver on Monday night where not only did he claim to have once bought Tom Cruise a hooker (which is probably true considering Tom would have to crane his… More »

John Travolta’s Baby Will Destroy Us All

At only two months old, John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s new baby Ben was already flying planes back in January. Since then he’s taught himself the piano and will probably move on to advanced military strategies if I’m reading this right. Extra reports:

“The baby was playing this tiny piano we got him,… More »

John Travolta’s Baby Flies Planes Already. Why Not?

John Travolta’s new son Benjamin might only be two months old, and possibly possessed by the spirit of his late brother Jett, but that hasn’t stopped him from flying an airplane like a normal infant. In fact, here’s John Travolta saying nine words to People that I never want to hear in reference to a… More »

John Travolta is Tired of Testifying in The Bahamas

Which has nothing do with this Australian men’s soccer team he just made friends with. Purely coincidental.

With the first case ending in a mistrial, John Travolta has decided to drop extortion charges against the paramedic who demanded $25 million from the actor in exchange for not releasing a “Refuse to Transport” document… More »

I was close about the Travolta baby.

Thanks to the miracle of Scientology somehow everything I said about the unborn Travolta baby is not only true but way more fucked up than anyone could’ve possibly imagined. Page Six reports:

The couple, who are staunch Scientologists, received massive support from the church after Jett, who was autistic, died at age 16… More »

John Travolta & Kelly Preston did what now?

Because Thetans aren’t going to E-meter themselves or however the fuck Scientology works (Internal combustion?), John Travolta and Kelly Preston have announced they’re geniuses and put a baby inside a 47-year-old uterus:

It’s impossible to keep a secret…especially one as wonderful as this. We want to be the first to share this great… More »

John Travolta extortion plot revealed. Surprise! It’s asinine.

Tarino Lightbourn, an EMT who arrived at the scene of Jett Travolta’s death, was charged with conspiracy to commit extortion for trying to blackmail John Travolta for $25 million. Tarino allegedly had a “refusal to transport” document signed at the scene by the actor that he thought would be damaging. It’s not. PeopleMore »

John Travolta extortionists caught

Two Bahamian politicians and an EMT who attempted to resuscitate Jett Travolta were arrested Friday for attempting to extort millions from John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston. The extortion involved circumstances surrounding Jett’s death, but what exactly those circumstances were have yet to be revealed. TMZ reports:

Here’s what we know about the… More »

John Travolta’s 16-year-old son dies

John Travolta’s son Jett passed away today after suffering a seizure at a vacation home in the Bahamas. Authorities say Jett struck his head on the bathtub and died on the scene after attempts to revive him failed. TMZ reports:

We’re told 16-year-old Jett was vacationing with Travolta and wife Kelly Preston.
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