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Kelly Clarkson Was ‘Blackmailed’ Into Working With Dr. Luke

Kelly Clarkson goes off on Dr. Luke in radio interview. More »

Kelly Clarkson’s Pregnant, Wasn’t F*cking Around

Not even three weeks ago, Kelly Clarkson announced that she was going to ride the shit out of her husband who she’d only been married to for 10 days until he put a baby in her for Christmas. Which worked, so just assume he’s dead now. He died. PEOPLE reports:

The singer, 31,… More »

Kelly Clarkson Is Forcing Her Husband To Put A Baby In Her By Christmas

In a new interview with Valentine In The Morning, the recently married Kelly Clarkson made it clear that she’s forcing her husband to repeatedly have sex with her so she’s pregnant for Christmas which probably explains the lifeless expression on his face above as he nonchalantly steps into traffic. Via People:

“I want… More »

Kelly Clarkson’s Mad Because Clive Davis Had Beef Without Her, I May Be Wording This Wrong

Music mogul Clive Davis’ autobiography The Soundtrack of My Life came out yesterday which you probably heard about when he spoiled the surprise that everyone becomes bisexual when they turn 50, (That’s right, everyone.). And now you’re hearing about it more because it pissed off Kelly Clarkson who fired off an open letter accusing Davis… More »

Bill Clinton Won The Inauguration

In case you forgot how awesome Bill Clinton is, it’s this awesome. Exactly this awesome. Not to mention, this happened next because we’re dealing with a man who never shies away from life’s sweetest rewards or shoving a cigar in them. And on the opposite side of that coin, you have Joe Biden who’s clearly… More »

Kelly Clarkson Lost Weight For Her Boyfriend

When Kelly Clarkson was born, she must’ve really pissed off God considering he felt the need to curse her with the worst body type imaginable: Chunky with no boobs. However, despite claims about loving her “real body,” Kelly’s been looking noticeably slimmer lately which you’d just assume was done out of concern for her health… More »

Kelly Clarkson to Kanye: ‘What happened to you as a child?’

Kelly Clarkson hopped on her blog to tell Kanye West about himself:

Dear Kanye,
What happened to you as a child?? Did you not get hugged enough?? Something must have happened to make you this way and I think we’re all just curious as to what would make a grown man go on… More »

Kelly Clarkson airbrushed so she’ll ‘look her best’

Self magazine is under fire for its blatant airbrushing of Kelly Clarkson on the cover of the September issue. But editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger defended the magazine against critics and stands by the cover. People reports:

“Yes. Of course we do retouching,” Danziger writes in a post on “Did we alter her… More »

Kelly Clarkson loves her girth

Kelly Clarkson is fine with her weight and decided to fire back at critics in an interview with Self magazine who ironically wasn’t fine with Kelly’s weight because they airbrushed the shit out of her (above). People reports:

“When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with… More »

Kelly Clarkson has a taste for flesh now. RUN!

None of us are safe.

Photos: Splash News, WENNMore »

Carrie Prejean gets pissy on Today

- Carrie Prejean’s leaked e-mails between Miss California director Keith Lewis prove she was a massive pain in the ass – with fake breasts, so let’s forgive her! Sorry, reflex action. [The Blemish]

- Rihanna and Chris Brown coincidentally attended the Lakers game last night but sat separately. Which means they’re… More »

Adam Lambert shocks pretty much no one

- Adam Lambert is gay. If you didn’t know that, congratulations, you have a bright future in multiple cat ownership to look forward to. [Just Jared]

- Madonna is NOT adopting Mercy after all and false reports may have fucked the whole thing up. Unleash the Hydra! [Lainey Gossip]

- Mark-PaulMore »

Kelly Clarkson is what a ‘real’ woman looks like*

Kelly Clarkson attended Z100’s Zootopia 2009 yesterday and, alright, we get it, lady; You hate jogging. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what she’s trying to do here, but it’s one thing to say the media encourages an unnatural depiction of women (Paris Hilton in a bikini, anyone?), and another thing to pick up a… More »

Kelly Clarkson will not have sex with you

- Kelly Clarkson uses the magic of music to say “You’ll be masturbating alone tonight.” Aww… [PopSugar]

- Slumdog Girl’s father was NOT going to sell her. It’s called “bartering.” There’s a difference. [Vulture]

- Lady GaGa enjoys a spot of tea with her pancakes. [Jezebel]

- Jonathan Taylor Thomas refused to… More »

Kelly Clarkson was bulimic

Kelly Clarkson says she used to be bulimic, and developed the eating disorder after she was passed over for a role in her high school musical. She tells CosmoGirl:

“I thought…If I came back and I’m cuter and thinner…then I’ll get the role.” For six months, Clarkson was bulimic, until a friend… More »

Kelly Clarkson rocks out with Chivas Regal

This is one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen latey. Kelly Clarkson is watching a performance of Metal Skool on the Sunset Strip when she gets brought up stage, chugs Chivas Regal from the bottle, and then sings some Guns N’ Roses cover songs with the lead singer from Yellowcard. The whole… More »

Lindsay Lohan has acne problems

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Lindsay Lohan has signed on to become the latest spokesperson for Proactiv Solution, joining Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson as one of thoes people you see on late night infomercials talking about their horrible skin problems. The deal is reportedly worth $2 million, which is totally worth the embarrassment of admitting to… More »

Kelly Clarkson celebrates Easter in Bahamas

Kelly Clarkson breaks up

Kelly Clarkson and her boyfriend of six-months, rocker Graham Colton, have broken up due to their busy schedules. The Grammy nominated Clarkson told Bravo magazine:

He will always be one of my best friends. I’m not sad, really, because our relationship made me believe in love again. Maybe one day we’ll get back together… More »

Kelly Clarkson Only Talented American Idol

The “New York Post” claims Simon Cowell was overheard talking on his cell phone to an “American Idol” producer while lounging by the pool at a Beverly Hills hotel. Simon supposedly said that there is “very little talent” in the group of contestants that made it to the finals in Hollywood. He also said the… More »