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McG Is Seriously Trying To Make A He-Man Movie Starring Kellan Lutz

“You know what this movie needs? More Kellan Lutz.” – McG, visionary director and cinematic auteur, obviously More »

Rich People Pretending To Be Groovy Hippies, Man

Now that we’ve seen Leonardo DiCaprio dancing, the continued effects of lupus on the mind, and British on Dutch foreplay, here’s the rest of the rich people pretending to be earth spirits or some stupid shit they told themselves on the jet ride over. In their defense, they only get 30-40 weeks a year to… More »

Miley Cyrus Banged Kellan Lutz

Here’s Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz getting out of a private jet in Miami yesterday which clearly means they had sex in the cockpit. The evidence is all there. As for who the hell is Kellan Lutz, I’m pretty he was that one vampire in Twilight who didn’t find it weird that Taylor Lautner wanted… More »

‘Whee! We’re Rich And On Drugs Just Like Hippies! F*ck You, Dad!’

“Shit. Did I lock the Beamer?”
“Hehe! I traded it for acid. Do me in that clown skull!”

Here’s the rest of the first weekend of Coachella where rich people dressed like an American Eagle ad and stuffed themselves so full of drugs they forgot they had children and/or nothing but aMore »

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are idiots

Twilight stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are reportedly trying to make a cash-grab after it was announced the last novel Breaking Dawn would be split into two parts which re-opened negotiations to sign all the actors for a fifth installment, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“We may have a situation where one… More »

Mary-Louise Parker outside Letterman and other news

- Miley Cyrus is a player. Didn’t they stone women for that in the Bible? Just sayin’. [Lainey Gossip]

- Linda Hogan wants Hulk thrown in jail if he doesn’t give her the Harley he promised in the divorce settlement. [PopEater]

- Leonardo DiCaprio asked to drop 30 pounds for his role… More »

Kellan Lutz is in those Twilight movies

It’s a given that if you even mention the Twilight movies, any woman will instantly moisten herself. Which is why I’m counting on these Kellan Lutz pics to cause a flood of vaginal wetness so I can ride a dolphin to the bar like Aquaman with a drinking problem. Don’t judge me for having… More »

Ed Westwick wears a kilt and other news

- Ed Westwick wears a kilt for charity. I wear one for general elegance, and my deep hatred of undergarments. Ladies? [Best Week Ever]

- Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are back together – in a movie! 1,000,000th blogger to make that joke! I win! [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Kellan LutzMore »

AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini

AnnaLynne McCord of 90210 took her death navel to South Beach this weekend with her boyfriend Twilight star Kellan Lutz. Granted, AnnaLynne is in a bikini, but is she really a celebrity? Or am I just playing God asking that question? I don’t like to play God. Except that one time I turned my cat… More »