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Katy Perry & Russell Brand Got Remarried And Had A Baby in The Middle of The Lakers Game

Here’s Katy Perry and Russell Brand at last night Lakers game where they clearly didn’t expect to run into each other judging by the fact she’s chugging beers next to her crazy Baptist preacher dad and Russell showed up with two young boys who keep staring at his penis. This was not the first date… More »

Katy Perry Wants Russell Brand Back To Piss Off Her Parents

Probably because of using her divorce to preach about Jews controlling all the money – They forgot The Slutty Leprechaun Guild, too. – Katy Perry met with Russell Brand in LA over the weekend to supposedly discuss getting back together for the sole purpose of pissing her parents off. The Daily Mail reports:

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Katy Perry’s Dad Is Sorry, Jews

Thanks to latching onto Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce to promote his ministry, Katy’s preacher dad Keith Hudson found himself being recorded making anti-Semitic quips like this little gem:

“You know how to make the Jew jealous? Have some money, honey. … You go to LA and they own all the Rolex… More »

Of Course Katy Perry’s Parents Are Anti-Semitic

A little background: After her parents decided to preach from the pulpit that Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce was a gift from God for their ministry, Katy made it a point to go on Twitter over the weekend and essentially tell them to shut the hell up:

– I am so grateful… More »

Katy Perry’s Divorce Was Just God’s Way Of Helping Her Parents’ Ministry

Katy Perry’s parents have demonstrated in the past that they have absolutely zero qualms about milking her heathen breasts to do the Lord’s work, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve already glommed onto her divorce from Russell Brand to fill pews. Via The Daily Mail:

Mary, 63, preached to… More »

Katy Perry Wanted Russell Brand To File For Divorce Because She’s An Alcoholic Who’s Afraid Of Her Parents

For those of you just joining the Internet, Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry after the two spent months pretending they’re happily married, even going so far as to pump Katy full of booze and fast food to make her look pregnant. Except not really, she just has a drinking problem which is… More »

Katy Perry and I Had Similar Childhoods

Katy Perry is featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (above) where she opens up about her religious upbringing that she’s apparently only slightly abandoned to pursue a more lucrative career shooting whipped cream out of her tits. I say slightly abandoned because she seems to see nothing wrong with her parents literally babbling… More »