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Stephen Collins: ‘I’m Not A Pedophile’

To most people, when you force three young girls roughly ten years of age to pleasure you sexually, that’s basically the exact definition of a pedophile. But if you’re Stephen Collins, flawed human being who’s been forgiven by the love of Christ, that doesn’t count. You’re merely a person who gave into “distortion in thinking.” More »

Jesus Forgave Stephen Collins, Everybody, It’s All Better Now!

As Stephen Collins continues his public tour to just explain to people that he only molested three kids, so it’s really not that bad, one of his victims has come forward and justifiably shat all over his claims that it was just a “spontaneous touching” and apologizing to them personally would just reopen old wounds… More »

Stephen Collins Confesses To Molesting Three Underage Girls

Despite audio recordings of him admitting he’s a child molester being leaked to the press, Stephen Collins had the benefit of everybody forgetting all of this even happened thanks to Bill Cosby and a large swath of assholes believing his wife made the whole thing up to get more money out of the divorce because… More »

Diane Sawyer Is Out There Blowing People

Appropriate pictures: I haz them.

Whenever I teach my non-accredited journalism course “Internet Money Make You I Can” at the local Sheraton, the first thing I teach my students is that 95% of all reporting is dicks in mouths. Later, I’ll ask for a volunteer which usually ends in me yelling, “Well, maybe… More »

It’s Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers Commerical That Cost Them $3 Million

When I posted pics of Jessica Simpson in New York yesterday, I just assumed she’d change out of The Gut-Curtain™ before making her big “post-baby body reveal” on Katie Couric’s new show. Except, nope, she wore The Gut-Curtain™ which made even more sense after you saw her debut her new Weight Watchers commercial (above) which… More »

What’s Up, Katie Couric? (Did I Just Ask That?) And Other News

- Kim Kardashian hates her “exploitative” nude W shoot now. [Popeater]

– Which is why she wants the role of the ultimate sex object, a Bond girl. [IDLYITW]

- Paz de la Huerta puts her best face forward. [Dlisted]

Justin Timberlake is Lindsay Lohan now. [Lainey Gossip]
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Katie Couric is f-cking sexy

Sometime Monday, an anonymous source started passing around these old Facebook photos of a drunken Katie Couric celebrating her debut as an anchor for CBS News. And my God, I thought I knew what eroticism meant, but brother, I was all wrong. It’s like a gin-soaked duffel bag of raw sexuality telling me to… More »