To most people, when you force three young girls roughly ten years of age to pleasure you sexually, that’s basically the exact definition of a pedophile. But if you’re StephenMore »


As Stephen Collins continues his public tour to just explain to people that he only molested three kids, so it’s really not that bad, one of his victims has come… More »

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Appropriate pictures: I haz them.

Whenever I teach my non-accredited journalism course “Internet Money Make You I Can” at the local Sheraton, the first thing I teach my… More »


It’s Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers Commerical That Cost Them $3 Million

When I posted pics of Jessica Simpson in New York yesterday, I just assumed she’d change out of The Gut-Curtain™ before making her big “post-baby body reveal” on Katie Couric’s… More »

- Kim Kardashian hates her “exploitative” nude W shoot now. [Popeater]

– Which is why she wants the role of the ultimate sex object, a Bond girl. [IDLYITW]… More »

Katie Couric is f-cking sexy

Sometime Monday, an anonymous source started passing around these old Facebook photos of a drunken Katie Couric celebrating her debut as an anchor for CBS News. And my God,… More »