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Katie Holmes smiling? What the…

- Katie Holmes allowed in public without Tom?! Somewhere he just uppercut a cockroach. After getting a stool and jumping really high that is. [Just Jared]
- Kathleen Turner or Britney Spears in 15 years? Not even they know. [Celebslam]
- Guy Ritchie is a big fan of the Jesus/Madonna relationship. Better his penis tha…

The Superficial / April 27, 2009

Nicolas Cage stole Chihuahuas

Actress Kathleen Turner’s upcoming autobiography “Send Yourself Roses” includes dirt on her Peggy Sue Got Married co-star Nicolas Cage. The movie was directed by Nic’s uncle Francis Ford Coppola and apparently the future Ghost Rider was a pain in the ass on set, according to Page Six:
“Everything Francis wanted him to do, he went…

The Superficial / January 23, 2008