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The 2015 Golden Globe Awards

I probably should’ve checked if there are any more awards show this month because here’s the rest of The 2015 Golden Globes that we may or may not have blown 75% of our photo budget on already. In our defense, it has boobs in it, and a Ruth Wilson pic that justifies whatever it is… More »

Katherine Heigl Used John Mayer’s Penis To Get Engaged

I stand by that headline entirely.

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John Mayer’s penis has done all sorts of reckless shit. It went crazy after being in Jessica Simpson and made him say the n-word. It refused to marry Taylor Swift after they did it under the bleachers. It even dumped KatyMore »

Shonda Rhimes Doesn’t Put Up With ‘Heigls’

In case you’re not sure how deeply and openly Hollywood hates Katherine Heigl, or simply enjoy a reminder to lift your spirits like I do, here’s Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes telling The Hollywood Reporter the lessons she’s learned from working on Grey’s Anatomy:

By all accounts, Rhimes runs a tighter ship today.
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The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Here’s the rest of The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards where my comprehensive reporting will tell you Breaking Bad won fucking everything except for that one award for True Detective and Benedict Cumberbatch winning for Sherlock which slightly makes up for Rust Cohle losing to Walter White. More importantly, Laura Prepon demonstrated the misogynistic side… More »

It’s Safe To Ask Katherine Heigl If She’s Difficult Now, She Can’t Do Anything

For those of you don’t remember Katherine Heigl – which is understandable – she was once an aspiring actress who catapulted to fame by starring in Knocked Up and the ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy only to publicly shit on both projects before starring in a series of repetitive romantic comedies with each one tanking harder… More »

Katherine Heigl’s Suing Duane Reade For $6 Million For Tweeting That She Shopped There

Above is Katherine Heigl leaving a Duane Reade last March after shopping there with her mom Madame TurnYouIntoAnUnhirableCunt, and below is a tweet from two days later: … More »

Taylor Swift’s Parents Are Katherine Heigl-ing Her

According to Page Six, Taylor Swift’s parents are straight Katherine Heigl-ing her career which is really all I wanted to post about. Not so much the specifics of what’s happening to Taylor’s career, or why her parents are to blame, but that Katherine Heigl has been reduced to a go-to term for how hard a… More »

Everyone Hates Katherine Heigl

Shortly after filming Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl took a huge dump on the film calling it “sexist” despite the fact it catapulted her career. She later followed that up by shitting on the writers of Grey’s Anatomy by not submitting herself for an Emmy because the writing wasn’t good enough. However, her career was allowed… More »

Katherine Heigl in a Bikini

Here’s Katherine Heigl taking a vacation from making movies so goddamn awful, of course your girlfriend wants to see every single one of them. Which is why I really don’t know what else to say here that hasn’t already been voiced by any man who’s found blood in his stool after watching Killers. At the… More »

Katherine Heigl has access to hair dye and other news

- Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams: An Argument for McJakey. [Lainey Gossip]

- Anderson Cooper to Jessica Simpson: “Bitch, I will cut you.” [Dlisted]

- Barbara Walters thinks she killed Ricky Martin’s career. [PopEater]

- Kelly Ripa keeps her Penis Button covered on Letterman. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- MileyMore »

Miranda Kerr is chesty and other news

- Nicole Kidman has finally Botoxed her way to a third lip. [Lainey Gossip]

- Katherine Heigl is adopting a baby. How long until she teaches it to badmouth Judd Apatow, Grey’s Anatomy and pretty much anyone who will keep mommy relevant? [PopEater]

- John Mayer might also be having sex with… More »

Hilary Duff is a Gossip Girl and other news

- Chris Brown is not allowed to contact Rihanna for five years. Which gives him plenty of time to have sexual reorientation surgery and become a man. [Just Jared]

- Ryan Gosling is dating Kat Dennings? But she wasn’t in The Notebook… [Lainey Gossip]

- Sean Connery turned 79 today and pretty… More »

Seth Rogen shot down by Megan Fox and other news

- Robert Pattinson looks like “feminie,” according to Twilight co-star Nikki Reed. She’ll be dead within the hour. [Lainey Gossip]

- Katherine Heigl’s mouth is basically one more retarded comment away from sodomizing her career. [Celebslam]

- Kevin Federline doesn’t do tips. Unless it’s his penis and no condoms are… More »

Jennifer Aniston’s headlights are on and other news

- Jon & Kate Plus 8 is still beloved by TLC. Then again, who doesn’t love exploitation dollars? That shit’s the best. [Just Jared]

- Tony Romo was “emotionally cheating” for months. Really? We’re going to use complex terms for a situation involving Jessica Simpson? Why not? [Celebslam]

- Rachelle Lefevre gets… More »

Megan Fox on Wonder Woman: ‘Do not want.’

- Megan Fox will not be playing Wonder Woman because she’s a “lame superhero.” Somewhere, thousand of fanboys almost stopped masturbating. Almost. [Just Jared]

- Lindsay Lohan tones down the crazy to keep the acting gig she only landed because Katie Holmes backed out. And by backed out I mean Tom Cruise activated… More »

Katherine Heigl about to learn why you don’t piss off your writers

After dropping out of the Emmy race and announcing she “wasn’t given the material to warrant a nomination,” Katherine Heigl basically shit in the corn flakes of the Grey’s Anatomy writers. And now they’re striking back:

*Spoiler Alert*


*End spoiler.*

Did I do that right? More »

Katherine Heigl’s wardrobe consists solely of bikinis (Someone get this woman a Nobel Prize, please.)

Katherine Heigl was spotted at her home yesterday getting ready to relax in her pool. Apparently she’s not done wearing a bikini, and God bless her, may just wear one all summer. In the meantime, why is she hiding in fear in her own house from the paparazzi? I don’t know about you, but if… More »

Katherine Heigl in a bikini, this time less Sasquatchy

These are the latest round of pics from Katherine Heigl’s Mexican getaway which ended over the weekend. She’s relaxing in the sun and downing margaritas with her husband Josh Kelley. A man who’s thinking to himself “How many times can a woman stretch without a boob popping out?” Many men have died trying to answer… More »

Katherine Heigl in a bikini has the poise of a Yeti

Katherine Heigl slipped off to Mexico this weekend with her husband Josh Kelley. When I initially found out there were bikini pics of Katherine, I expected some sexy awesomeness. What I got instead is akin to seeing my arthritic grandma lumber across the dunes of Tatooine. Anyone who got that joke, I just want you… More »

Katherine Heigl doesn’t want to get ‘knocked up’ with an Emmy (Like the movie!)

Katherine Heigl won for Best Supporting Actress in a drama (Grey’s Anatomy) at last year’s Emmy awards, but this year, she doesn’t think she’s worthy. And she ain’t bullshitting. Katherine declined to even put her name down for a nomination bid. The AP reports:

“I did not feel that I was given the material… More »

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