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Good Morning, Katelynn Ansari, And Other News

- Girls With Future Lower Back Problems (Which means big breasts. They have big breasts.) [theCHIVE]
- Olivia Munn will promote her boyfriend RoboCop now. [Lainey Gossip]
- Sean Penn wants to wife Charlize Theron already. [Dlisted]
- Kim Kardashian got a new nose. [Fishwrapper]
- Heidi & Spencer are still out there talking about…

The Superficial / February 5, 2014

Good Morning, Katelynn Ansari, And Other News

- Hugh Grant has another love child out there. [Lainey Gossip]
- Photo Boy really likes chicken, alright? [Dlisted]
- A Beautiful Sea of Redheads [theCHIVE]
- Gabrielle Union loves to poop. Okay, then… [Fishwrapper]
- Kirk Cameron had something to say about the Grammys. Of course. [The Daily Banter]
- Kelly Kapowski turned 40.

The Superficial / January 30, 2014