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Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova are naked

Because I appreciate fine art that gives me a boner, here’s supermodels Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova posing nude for the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Love. I’d like to see Heidi Montag try pulling off a spread this classy, but that’d require her to not be able to survive passing through the Earth’s atmosphere… More »

Miranda Kerr is chesty and other news

- Nicole Kidman has finally Botoxed her way to a third lip. [Lainey Gossip]

- Katherine Heigl is adopting a baby. How long until she teaches it to badmouth Judd Apatow, Grey’s Anatomy and pretty much anyone who will keep mommy relevant? [PopEater]

- John Mayer might also be having sex with… More »

Kate Moss gets topless for V

Sorry about the site outage, folks. I accidentally removed my towel in front of the server and it crashed itself out of awe and reverence. Welcome to my life. Anyway, here’s Kate Moss posing topless with some Gypsies for the October issue of V Magazine. And, look, I appreciate a bare breast as much… More »

Kendra Wilkinson is definitely pregnant and other news

- Kendra Wilkinson poses with her baby bump and does she know we can see her nipples? [Kendra Wilkinson]

- Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy was trying to pick up chicks the day she announced her pregnancy. That kid is going to turn out awesome. [Celebslam]

- John Mayer gives to charity because… More »

Kate Moss is topless again

Here’s Kate Moss sunbathing topless in Saint Tropez yesterday. As many times as I’ve seen her nipples just this year alone, I’m pretty much convinced Kate’s father was murdered in front of her by a bra. Which is why you need to stop wearing them, ladies. Before you’re next! Dun dun dun dunnnn!

More »

Kate Moss sunbathing topless

Here’s pictures of Kate Moss topless in Monaco for anyone who was born today and has yet to see her nipples. Congratulations, kid, you’ll see these more often than your own mother’s. That’s math.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions, so seriously, don’t get fired over Kate Moss. Save that for at least Jessica… More »

Kate Moss still has nipples

Kate Moss was spotted in New York earlier this week with her nipples poking out. Which, let’s be honest, is basically her official look. I’m trying to think back and I’m pretty sure she’s never worn a bra. Ever. I suspect when she hit puberty her parents looked at her chest, laughed, and threw away… More »

Kate Moss will bust you up

Is Kate Moss the Ike Turner of super-modeling? It sure sounds that way. Last week her boyfriend Jamie Hince was spotted sporting a shiner, and while the couple at first made some lame excuse about it, now the punch-tastic truth is coming out. The New York Post reports:

KATE Moss has finally come clean… More »

Kate Moss has nipples, everybody (In case you forgot)

Kate Moss wore a see-through shirt while shopping yesterday in Hollywood and has to really be contemplating never leaving the house. In the meantime, if this is your first time seeing Kate’s nipples, welcome to the Internet. Allow me to cover the basics: There’s porn, and there’s political discussions where you can write horribly racist… More »

Kate Moss’ legs: I don’t get it

Kate Moss went shopping in West Hollywood yesterday wearing a ridiculously tiny pair of denim shorts. I can only assume she was trying to be a walking PSA for kids to stay off drugs because there’s no logical explanation for why she’d exposed her legs to the general public like that. Unless she’s getting a… More »

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