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Kate Hudson is implanty and other news

- Simon Monjack’s rep says he died of a “broken heart.” Wait. Was he not allowed in the Happy Feet sequel, too? [Popeater]

- Katy Perry hates Russell Brand. Seriously, no cleavage for the man’s premiere? [Huffington Post]

- M.I.A. says some crazy shit about Lady GaGa. [Dlisted]

- Britney SpearsMore »

Kate Hudson has implants

Here’s Kate Hudson at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala and I’m going to end this debate right here and say she has implants. It looks like she magically sprouted baseballs under there which has to be some sort of sick ruse to lure A-Rod back. Unfortunately for Kate Hudson, it’ll be a waste… More »

Kate Hudson’s Breast-Gate continues

Kate Hudson decided to let her breasts go braless last night at the Chopard celebration last night furthering speculation as to whether they’re fake, signs of a pregnancy or she just loves ice cream. As a taxpayer, I don’t see any way to settle this outside of a congressional hearing. It’s not like the… More »

UPDATE: Kate Hudson is pregnant

It seems hilarious to me now that everyone’s first thought about Kate Hudson’s slightly bigger breasts is that she inexplicably purchased the world’s tiniest implants and not that she just got knocked up by some random dude which, judging by these pics of her today, is clearly the case. If Kate Hudson isn’t pregnant,… More »

Kate Hudson’s Implants: A Further Investigation

Last week the word going around was that Kate Hudson got implants. Small, non-obtrusive implants, but implants nonetheless. So here she is at Coachella yesterday and I honestly have no fucking clue. It’s like staring at two near-identical pieces of wood and trying to decide which one makes you incapable of looking a woman… More »

Kate Hudson might have tiny implants

When I posted these bikini pics of Kate Hudson on Monday, I honestly thought nothing of them. But apparently they seem to be the smoking gun in the case of Did Kate Hudson Finally Get Implants? Us Magazine reports:

An insider says in the new issue of Us Weekly that a plastic surgeon… More »