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Kate Gosselin Bequeathed Justin Bieber Her Old Hair

Justin Bieber now has unfettered access to Kate Gosselin’s old hair. Will he use it for good? Or evil? More »

Jon Gosselin Wants Full Custody Of One of His Kids Now, Just One

Jon Gosselin wants full custody of his daughter Hannah. The other seven? Pfft. Fuck ‘em. More »

Kate Gosselin’s Already Milking Her Millionaire Boyfriend

“I’m so getting knocked up to spite her.”
“Why couldn’t she have eaten me in the womb?”

Posted by Photo Boy

It’s time for another round of ‘How Big Of A Bitch Is Kate Gosselin?’, because even though this is a rumor about who she’s dating, we’re going… More »

Donald Trump Fired Rudy Huxtable Because She Wouldn’t Call Bill Cosby

WARNING: Video contains Kate Gosselin talking.

Knowing everything we know, and continue to learn, about Bill Cosby, you’d assume someone at NBC would have seen footage of Donald Trump firing Keshia Knight Pulliam, TV’s Rudy Huxtable, for refusing to call Bill Cosby while filming Celebrity Apprentice and bury it under no less than… More »

And Now Time For Tara Reid Or Kate Gosselin Melting Under A Heat Lamp?

Now I know what you’re thinking, there aren’t 25 Asian kids running around, so clearly it’s Tara Reid. Except you’re forgetting one important piece of information: Kate Gosselin hates her children and will do everything in her power to never be around them. Why do you think her house is 80% crawlspaces? The woman’s a… More »

Kate Gosselin’s Nanny Escaped To Tell Her Tale

In a surprising move considering Kate Gosselin’s eyes see all, and in the darkness, all see Kate, one of her nannies has escaped the compound and is talking to the media about just how anal a shrill mother of eight kids can be. As for how the nanny escaped, I’d assume by using the children… More »

Jon Gosselin’s Suing Kate For Custody Of The Sextuplets

“Oh, fuck, how am I going to make money?”
“Oh, fuck, why didn’t he take us?!”

In the aftermath of his daughters embarrassing the living shit out of his ex-wife on live television, Jon Gosselin apparently feels emboldened enough to sue for full custody of their sextuplets, just the sextuplets, on the… More »

Jon Gosselin Will (Justifiably) Revel In Kate’s Today Show Disaster Now

“Shh, I’m still savoring the humiliation. *closes eyes* Mmm.. Mmmmm.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!”

Kate Gosselin thought she’d just pop up on TODAY yesterday and make Jon look like an idiot by proving their kids aren’t damaged from being on reality television by making them throw their own father under the bus to a nationwide daytime… More »

Kate Gosselin’s Daughters Just Embarrassed The Shit Out of Her On Live Television

Because the Illuminati is very real and very set on the destruction of the mankind, the Gosselins have been in the news a lot lately. Although, that hasn’t entirely been bad. Anyway, here’s Kate Gosselin on TODAY this morning where she continued her, “Reality TV Didn’t Mess Up Our Kids,” tour by hauling along Mady… More »

Did Jon Gosselin Shoot At The Paparazzi To Promote Kate’s Cookbook?

Last week, Jon Gosselin fired a warning shot at a photographer that trespassed outside his house shortly after everyone found out he’s a waiter living in a cabin in the woods. Coincidentally, this happened just days before the release of Kate’s new cookbook, and even more coincidentally, she’s suing his dick off for allegedly stealingMore »

Jon Gosselin Waits Tables Now

Not too long ago, life was incredible for Jon Gosselin. His shrew wife left him, making him only partially responsible for the eight children she defied science and God to make fall out of her, and it was an endless parade of having sex with (un)beautiful women on the back of an ATV. They say,… More »

Kendra Wilkinson & Kate Gosselin Are Your First ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

If you’ve ever seen Wife Swap, put a gun in your mouth and welcome death’s sweet embrace for this life can no longer comfort you now. If you haven’t, it’s a show about couples swapping wives for two weeks that ABC has now expanded to celebrities including ones that aren’t even married because the first… More »

Kate Gosselin Just Got Fired From Coupon Cabin

“Are coupons little Asian children that suck the life out of you? Because I know about those. And stuffing them into a cabin.”

Probably because her first post right out of the gate wasn’t about coupons but instead denying those pesky plastic surgery rumors that, well, you’d have to be famous like her… More »

Kate Gosselin Beats Her Children With A Wooden Spoon, BEGIN THE INQUISITION!

Ohmygod it’s right there in the door. RUN, TINY ASIAN BITCH, RUN!”

I give Kate Gosselin shit for a lot of things: being a walking clay monster, using her children to basically create a reality show sweatshop, lying through her fake plastic face made of plastic. But one thing I can’t bring myself… More »

Kate Gosselin Thinks People Want To Watch Her Try To Get Laid

While Octomom has embraced her inevitable place in the world after sharting out 14 mouths to feed, Kate Gosselin is still deluding herself into thinking she can escape a similar fate by pitching a dating reality show where she tries to find a poor sucker who’s willing to endure a never-ending tsunami of shrill nagging… More »

Kate Gosselin Really Wants You To See Where 8 Babies Came From and Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Yoga Pants: Side-eying men into divorce since 1973. [theCHIVE]

– Exhibit A: Mila Kunis. [Hollywood Tuna]

– I think what David Lynch is trying to say here is he likes coffee. [Huffington Post]

- Dane Cook acted like a douchecanoe. What strange… More »

Kate Gosselin Denies Getting A Facelift

“And these are the ‘magic hands’ I use to make my kids disappear.
Ha! I’m kidding. There’s a .45 in my purse.”

Kate Gosselin has barely been at CouponCabin.com long enough to hang pictures of her mug all over the place, but she’s already using her new blogging “job” (I’m still in… More »

Kate Gosselin Actually Got A Job

With eight mouths to feed and, I assume, a medical need to only work in non-mediocre environments, Kate Gosselin really needed to find a job after ratings tanked for Kate Plus 8 because, surprise, she’s the part of the show people least want to look at or more importantly hear. Anyway, she’s somehow landed a… More »

No One Wants To Hire Kate Gosselin

“I want you to answer this honestly: Is porn mediocre?”

This may come as a shock, but the TV offers haven’t rolled in at all for Kate Gosselin which is weird considering America’s shortage of shrill, white Christian women who will never admit they’re wrong. She’s practically an endangered species. HuffPost Celebrity reports:… More »

Kate Gosselin Apologizes To All You Mediocre People Out There

“Holding this purse is starting to feel like work…”

Yesterday while defending herself on The Today Show after Jon suggested she get a normal career and focus on the kids, Kate Gosselin called working a regular job to support her family “mediocre” which is basically how 99% of her audiences live their day-to-day. More »

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