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Pamela Anderson Wrote A Poem About ‘Sexy’ Julian Assange

Yup, Pamela Anderson and her sexy friend Julian Assange are just friends, you guys. Nothing to see here. More »

Julian Assange’s Penis Turned Pamela Anderson Into An MRA

Pamela Anderson probably has sex with Julian Assange, and now she wants to be an advocate for men “falsely accused of rape.” What a coincidence! More »

Pamela Anderson Is Probably Definitely Banging Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson could have stopped President Donald Trump from happening is how I’m interpreting this. More »

So Lady GaGa And Julian Assange Hung Out

Here’s Lady GaGa with controversial Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy last night where the two apparently had dinner because Lady GaGa seems like a person who has any clue who or what a Wikileaks is. So if you’re wondering why she was even there, it’s pretty simple: To get raped To make… More »