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Julia Stiles in a Bikini

So these are happening.

Here’s Julia Stiles in Maui yesterday giving the world a preview of what Dexter may or may not have left his wife for. Which in his defense, actually makes sense considering Michael C. Hall more than likely still looked better than Julia Stiles after the chemo, and who doesn’t… More »

Julia Stiles Denies Banging Dexter

When word of Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter ending their marriage broke, Julia Stiles was rumored to be the other woman whose box-like face lured Michael away. She is now denying those claims which is exactly what I would do if people found out thought I slept with Dexter. Clever girl… PeopleMore »

Dexter Was Cheating With Julia Stiles

Full Disclosure: I’ve yet to watch anything past the first episode of Dexter, so to me this news seemed all kinds of insane considering I’ve been under the impression Julia Stiles died in 2006. Turns out she’s actually on Dexter along with Michael C. Hall and his soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer Carpenter which is kind of… More »