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Sienna Miller is Finally Someone in a Bikini

Here’s Sienna Miller with Jude Law in Ibiza today and based on how ridiculously slow of a news day it’s been so far, I’ll fucking take it. This is like finding a drop of a water on a cactus leaf after crossing a desert. Seriously, who cares if it’s kind of boring and tastes like… More »

Sienna Miller in a Bikini and Other News

- Kim Kardashian loves Brown Boxes. (I like how they got the real Khloe to star in this.) [LisaNova]

- Kelsey Grammer didn’t have a prenup. Smart. [Dlisted]

- Marisa Miller was at the ESPYs. [Hollywood Tuna]

– And so was Ashley Greene. [IDLYITW]

- Mila Kunis.More »

Mandy Moore douches and other news

-Kim Kardashian finds acting work further proving Satan’s powers are far greater than we imagined. (I only thought he had mad Halo skills. And the voice of a 13 year old.) [PopEater]

- Celine Dion is pregnant. How old is she? Is that legal? [Lainey Gossip]

- Brad PittMore »

Jude Law’s baby mama in her underwear

Turns out Samantha Burke, the woman carrying Jude Law’s baby, has been documenting her pregnancy on her Photobucket page. And by documenting I mean taking sexy pictures of herself in her underwear that makes me realize I really need to get a medical license. Or something more convincing than a picture of me hitting… More »

Jude Law’s Baby Mama and other news

- Aubrey O’Day debuts “Party All the Time” EXCLUSIVELY on CELEBUZZ.

- Katherine Jackson suspects “foul play” in Michael’s death and that he didn’t die of “natural causes.” Huh. I would’ve never guessed… [PopEater]

- Alexander Skarsgard is a great kisser, according to Lady GaGa. You know what else he’d be great… More »

Seth Rogen shot down by Megan Fox and other news

- Robert Pattinson looks like “feminie,” according to Twilight co-star Nikki Reed. She’ll be dead within the hour. [Lainey Gossip]

- Katherine Heigl’s mouth is basically one more retarded comment away from sodomizing her career. [Celebslam]

- Kevin Federline doesn’t do tips. Unless it’s his penis and no condoms are… More »

Kelly Kapowski in a bikini and other news

- Jude Law knocked somebody up again making this Baby #4. He’s in your rearview, Jon Gosselin. [Lainey Gossip]

- Brad Pitt told People “his partying ends at 6 p.m.,” only to turn around and get shit-faced in Berlin until 2 a.m. with a mystery blonde. Somebody’s losing a penis. [PopEater]
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Jude Law assaults female pap

These are shots of Jude Law assaulting a female photographer on the way to his car while leaving the Automat Bar in London last night. Scope out the pics then get a load of the bullshit Jude’s publicist passed along to The Sun:

“This is all nonsense. Last night’s incident was an accident. More »

Cameron Diaz dating Jude Law AND Leonardo DiCaprio?

Cameron Diaz is apparently seeing both Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio, according to The Sun:

On Sunday night Cam and Jude were out until the wee small hours at posh club Boujis in South Kensington, west London. Cameron left the club by the front door, looking a bit worse for wear, while Jude… More »

Jude Law is a woman

Here’s Jude Law as a woman. Here’s the artsy pontificating of why Jude Law is a woman from director Sally Potter’s blog:

Part of the subject matter of RAGE is the ugly use of beauty in the pursuit of profit. Drugged by Marketing, sapped by fear of aging, conned by the cult… More »