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Jenny McCarthy’s Filling In For Joy Behar On ‘The View,’ Oh, Good

“Boy, I sure hope these raviolis don’t have any autism in them. Amirite?”

Presumably in an effort to kill more kids this time around, The View producers are hoping to replace Joy Behar with Jenny McCarthy who’ll be filling in while they switch out everyone on the show just to see if BarbaraMore »

Denise Richards Talks Charlie Sheen

Despite building a new career based entirely on calling Charlie Sheen a crazy person, Denise Richards is handling him drunkenly trashing a hotel room while naked with a hooker in the closet remarkably well. Especially considering she was in the same hotel with their two daughters during an uncharacteristically cordial trip to New York. Here… More »

Bill O’Reilly Stopped By ‘The View.’ Guess How It Went.

Bill O’Reilly was on The View this morning where heated discussions on the “terror mosque” are apparently still happening. I’ve already made my views known on the subject, so I’m basically going to stick to how everyone looked like asshats in this whole ordeal because television punditry is entirely theater. Via Popeater:

“Listen… More »