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Joss Stone Almost Stabbed in Backseat of Fiat, ‘Prom Night All Over Again,’ Quips Sexy Blogger

For those of you just joining the Internet, Joss Stone was targeted in an insane kidnap/murder plot because apparently British celebrity news is out to make America’s look like bloody wankers this week. The Sun reports:

Cops found swords, rope and a body bag when they swooped on the pair at around 10am… More »

Joss Stone’s butt: Because why not?

Here’s Joss Stone at Coachella wearing a skirt that might be just a tad too short for someone performing on an elevated stage. Just a tad. You know, when I post pics like these, I think about the spaceship that crashed here on Earth carrying me as an infant and wonder, “Am I truly inspiring… More »