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Amy Winehouse: Re-devoted wife, lifeguard, group sex enthusiast

Amy Winehouse’s schizophrenia has kicked back in, and she’s no longer trashing husband Blake Fielder-Civil who filed for divorce after she very publicly had a relationship with “actor” Josh Bowman in St. Lucia. Amy’s still on the island where The Sun caught up with her for an interview. Here’s the crazy Amy spewed when she… More »

Amy Winehouse’s husband files for divorce, cites her adultery (Whoops.)

Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil has started divorce proceedings today and is citing “Amy’s adultery” with Joshua Bowman as the grounds, according to People:

Blake Fielder-Civil has instructed a lawyer to file papers. “I can confirm that I have been instructed to commence divorce proceedings on the grounds of Amy’s adultery,” Henri Brandman told… More »

Amy Winehouse can’t be doing what I think she’s doing

So, yeah, if that’s not Amy Winehouse peeing while standing up, I don’t know what is. This explains what she was adjusting in those bikini pics from last week. I almost feel bad for her “boyfriend” Joshua Bowman who was looking for some free publicity to boost his acting career. And by almost feel bad… More »

Amy Winehouse’s mystery man identified

Amy Winehouse has been spotted in St. Lucia the past couple of days with a mystery lover who’s been identified as 21-year-old aspiring actor Joshua Bowman, and he swears to God he’s not using Crackzilla for publicity. (Because he is.) The Daily Mail reports:

Mr Bowman said: ‘She’s just a cool girl, very nice,… More »