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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Stopped F*cking

Presumably because Gwyneth Paltrow keeps Chris Martin’s balls firmly ensconced in a hand-carved Sri Lankan testicle cuplet ($799.95, GOOP), his conscious coupling with Jennifer Lawrence’s vagina has transcended this plane of reality, according to E! News. Plus it’s not like he can’t see her naked anytime he wan- what? We’re all thinking it. And I’m… More »

This Is A Post About Jennifer Lawrence’s Butt

A while back there was a big to-do over Jennifer Lawrence’s butt, so here it is at last night’s Hollywood premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for you to disseminate and inspect without reading a single word I’ve written down here. It’s okay, it’s fine. As long as YOU get what YOU want that’s… More »

Jennifer Lawrence’s Side Boob Is Back

It’s been four long days since we last posted Jennifer Lawrence’s side boob. Morale was low. Faced with mutiny, I ordered Photo Boy to put down a horse and ration it among the men. What this accomplished I had not the time nor inclination to ponder for there were only two of us, and weMore »

There’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Breasts And Other News

- The trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 apparently requires its own trailer which I’m pretty sure spells the complete downfall of civilization. [BuzzFeed]

– Who wants to see Keanu Reeves assuming (correctly) that everyone in Hong Kong knows Kung Fu? [Lainey Gossip]

– Haha! Her last name… More »

Vanessa Hudgens’ Still In A Bikini

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler still in Hawaii over the weekend which must be awesome for her ex Josh Hutcherson who’s also there with her to promote Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Because not only does he have to hear, “Wait, what the hell was Journey 1?” he has to watch his ex-girlfriend bang… More »

Hello Again, Vanessa Hudgens, and Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

– This would’ve been a link to theCHIVE rife with boobage. Damn you, principled stands! [theCHIVE]

- Kristin Wiig would really, really love to stop talking about Bridesmaids 2. [Huffington Post]

- Jay-Z might also want to consider removing the word “hypocrite” from his vocabulary… More »

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