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O.J. Simpson Is Obsessed With Kim Kardashian, Yesssssssssss

It’s been a week of shitty news followed by shitheads capitalizing on said shit, so here’s a ray of sunshine piercing through the storm: O.J. Simpson is sitting in jail obsessing over Kim Kardashian and could get out as early as 2017! Is anyone else doing the pee-pee dance? I’m doing the pee-pee dance. Radar… More »

Kim Kardashian Is Like A Working Mom, You Guys

While appearing on CNBC yesterday to promote her Kardashian Kid Klothes (Try the hoods!), Kim Kardashian decided to refute Pespi CEO Indra Nooyi’s recent comments that working moms really can’t have it all because Kris Jenner taught her daughters that you fucking abandon your kids until you can pimp them out for money and you… More »

Kanye Has Kim Kardashian Locked In A Dungeon

And is making her do cosplay! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

It’s been more than exactly 30 seconds after North West was born which is way too fucking long for Kris Jenner to go without pimping something that shares her DNA, so here’s a “source” claiming that Kanye West is an abusive, controlling boyfriend who practically has… More »

Kanye West’s ‘American Psycho’ Short Film Starring Scott Disick Is F*cking Awful

It seems like only seven days ago, Kanye West announced a new American Psycho promo short starring Scott Disick as Patrick Bateman, and yet here it is already. Which will stop being surprising once you watch it because Yeezus Christ. You’d think that after years of memorizing scripts of the Kardashian’s fake life, Scott Disick… More »

Kim Kardashian Wins ‘Most This Bitch…’ For Having The Gall To Cram Her Ass Into Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman Costume

Blasphemy. Pure blasphemy.

Adding… Kudos to Kanye for pulling off the delicate balance between not wanting to show his face anywhere near this shit, yet still getting butt sex from Kim later. Ninja Batman would be proud.

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