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Ashton Kutcher Got a Haircut and Other News

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- Blue Ivy joins this prestigious list of celebrity offspring saddled with the passive-aggressive hatred their parents feel as a result of the burden of child-rearing. [theCHIVE]

– And here’s where the blessed miracle of Beyonce giving birth happened. [TMZ]

- Katy Perry is turning… More »

Here Are Your New ‘Two and a Half Men’

“Guess who’s on cocaine now, motherfuckers! Whoo! Didn’t see that coming!”

Ashton Kutcher appeared at the CBS Upfronts yesterday to get everybody “jazzed” about him replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men despite this whole thing sounding suspiciously like some sort of practical joke. A “punk” if you will. Anyway, while… More »

Charlie Sheen Hates Jon Cryer Now

Charlie Sheen has mostly stayed mum on his Two and a Half Men costar Jon Cryer, but yesterday he apparently ran out of material and started calling him a “troll” because real winners don’t come up with new insults. That’s for that pussy Jefferson over there. Thinks he’s so tough… E! News reports:

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Jon Cryer Looks Thrilled, Just Thrilled

With Two and a Half Men officially on hiatus, poor Jon Cryer has nothing to do now but run around jogging with a face full of pure murder. Which is kind of stupid considering he works on a show that hands Charlie Sheen $2 million an episode, so there’s no way he should’ve assumed this… More »

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen Rushed to Hospital

Charlie Sheen has reportedly been rushed to the hospital after calling 911 during his morning threesome. No, really. TMZ reports:

We’re told Charlie was taken out of his home on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance at 7 AM.
Two young women exited the house at the same time Charlie wasMore »

Jon Cryer’s ex-wife really wants to kill him

So remember when Jon Cryer said his ex-wife was trying to have him assassinated and everyone just laughed and said “What, did she watch Superman IV?” He wasn’t kidding. TMZ reports:

According to documents filed in the custody battle between Cryer and ex-wife Sarah Trigger, Trigger’s lawyer claims on December 21, 2009, Trigger… More »