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Uncanny Valley Johnny Depp Is In The ‘Pirates’ Movie Nobody Wanted

CGI Johnny Depp in the new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer has no chill or whatever the hell the internet is saying now. AF? More »

Johnny Depp Might Be Trying To Bang Rey Now, Oh Good

“Daisy Ridley didn’t jump at the chance? Feminism is out of control!” – The internet eventually because it sucks, sucks so hard More »

Broke Johnny Depp Has Money For Tunnels? I Don’t Even Know

Nope, Johnny Depp hasn’t completely lost his mind. Why do you ask? More »

Johnny Depp Is Being ‘Gaslighted,’ You Guys, It’s Just Not Fair!

Johnny Depp won’t stand for victim-blaming? Oh, word? More »

Johnny Depp Pisses Away $2 Million A Month, Says Ex-Manager

Johnny Depp reportedly blows $2 million a month, including $30,000 a month just on wine that answers a whole lot of questions. (Read: The Amber Heard stuff.) More »

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp In The Divorce That Never Fucking Ends

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are fighting about her charity donations now. Goddammit. More »

Elon Musk Has Been Trying To Bang Amber Heard For Years

A billionaire wanted to fuck a pretty girl is the huge story here. More »

Amber Heard Donated Her Entire $7 Million Settlement To Charity

So Amber Heard just shut a lot of people up, but probably not enough of them because the internet is dark and full of divorced terrors. More »

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Settled Their Divorce, Thank Fucking God

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard actually reached a settlement. It’s over. It’s finally over! More »

Hey, It’s Video of Johnny Depp Acting Like A Drunk Violent Asshole

There’s video of Johnny Depp acting pretty much like Amber Heard said Johnny Depp has been acting. Let’s see how quickly it’ll be dismissed because “golddigging blah blah blah.” More »

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