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John Travolta Won’t Watch ‘Going Clear’

John Travolta defends Scientology against ‘Going Clear’ despite not seeing it, and the fact that Scientology is batshit crazy by any and all accounts. More »

Scarlett Johansson: John Travolta Isn’t ‘Creepy’ Or ‘Strange’

Scarlett Johansson defends John Travolta’s behavior at the Oscars which apparently wasn’t “strange” or “creepy.” Sure. More »

John Travolta Just Wants To Sex Women So Hard, You Know?

John Travolta wants woman so bad he can barely talk around them. More »

And Now Scarlett Johansson Getting Molested By John Travolta

Scarlett Johansson made a friend at the Oscars. He asked her to sing that “Baby” song she’s always doing on the YouTube machine. More »

John Travolta Let A Random Guy At The Gym Photograph His Bald Head

We’ve seen John Travolta’s bald head before. In fact, it made one of our Best Of posts for 2011? Jesus Christ. Anyway, here he is again after introducing himself to this random fellow at 3 a.m. at an empty gym where no one else was working out. Which went awesome if John Travolta’s plan was… More »

There’s A Scientology Celebrity Gala?

I’ve been writing this site for over six years now, and I’ve never once heard of a Scientology Celebrity Centre Gala, let alone seen pictures from the inside of one. So for the sake of making me look super observant, let’s pretend this is the first time they let the paparazzi inside to make them… More »

‘Did Someone Say Gay Spider-Man?!’

You know how John Travolta needs everyone to think he’s straight or else they won’t believe he has Thetan magic? These should help.

Photo: GADE/AKM-GSIMore »

John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John’s New Video Is Why We Can’t Have Christmas Anymore

There are exactly two people and two people only who could’ve edited this thing: A Scientology slave who’s never seen nor touched a computer before, or Jett Travolta from the grave.

Tell me wrong. I dare you. … More »

John Travolta Showed His Vampire Face In Public

It’s been a month since John Travolta was accused of trying to coerce and/or pay every male massage therapist in the industry to have sex with his butt in a completely heterosexual fashion, so here he is making his first public appearance at The AFI Lifetime Achievement awards last night which more than likely means… More »

John Travolta Has Cross-Dressing Photos Now

Besides these.

Before I get started, there’s a rumor floating around that John Travolta either attempted to, or is currently attempting to, leave the Church of Scientology hence the recent onslaught of tabloid stories rife with anus puckering and surprise BJs. And that rumor seems more and more likely considering The National EnquirerMore »

John Travolta Remembers Robin Gibb

While John Travolta will tell you during a night of seduction and hamburgers that he made it big satisfying the sexual appetite of the gay Jews who run Hollywood – He’s perfectly straight himself though, for the record. Handjob? – but it was Saturday Night Fever that really propelled him to stardom and featured a… More »

John Travolta Allegedly Tried To Fellate Jeff Conaway While He Was Sleeping

While old accusers drop their lawsuits just in time for new ones to keep coming forward, John Travolta is now being accused of trying to blow his late Grease co-star Jeff Conaway which surprisingly ended their relationship because Hollywood has weird rules that way. Ha, but not us though, right, Photo Boy? (Don’t look me… More »

John Travolta Accused Of Soliciting Third Masseur For Gay Sex, Sends Kelly Preston Into Hiding

As the Internet’s slowly learning this week, apparently if you’re a dude, or even just know a dude, who works/worked in the hospitality industry, at one point you or your friend have been asked to stick your penis in John Travolta’s butt in a completely friendly, just two heterosexual dudes hanging out way because he’s… More »

John Travolta’s Accused of Molesting A Second Male Masseur Now

Before I get into another tale of John Travolta trying to get a completely straight happy ending from a second male masseur, commenter kimmykimkim said the following on a The Crap We Missed two weeks before this story was but a glimmer in John Travolta’s penis waiting for another man to be tricked into getting… More »

So John Travolta May Or May Not Have Molested A Man Over Hamburgers

“Golly gee, Mistah Kottah, is that a Red Robin?”

While Photo Boy and I were off not snuggling at The Avengers yesterday, news broke that John Travolta is being sued by a male masseur who claims the actor hired him for a personal massage only to repeatedly grope the man’s penis, then eventually… More »

BEST OF 2011: John Travolta Is Bald As Hell

Welcome to the magical time between Christmas and New Year’s when The Superficial lazily rehashes all the posts you sick sons of bitches couldn’t get enough of. This year, in lieu of a Top 10, we’ve decided to break it down by the best post of each month so we can all relive the joyMore »

Everyone’s A Vampire From The Civil War

Apparently this is going to be the new Internet fad, so here’s another one of those historical time-traveling vampire photos, this time featuring John Travolta. Although I’m not a sucker for the liberal media’s lies and know this is just time-traveling Nicolas Cage wearing John Travolta’s face so he can bang his wife and let’s… More »

Kelly Preston Cast in the Gotti Movie

Posted by Photo Boy

Kelly Preston is now set to tackle a truly challenging role opposite real-life husband John Travolta in the upcoming Gotti: Three Generations. People reports:

Steve Honig, a spokesman for the production company, says of Preston, 48: “She’s a terrific actress, and she can really do the role… More »

Lindsay™ Just Showed Up to the Gotti Press Conference

Lindsay Lohan was recently reported to be up for the role of Victoria Gotti in the John Gotti biopic Gotti: Three Generations starring John Travolta. Except it turns out she’s only in the very early stages of talks, but that didn’t stop her flapjack titties from just showing up to the press conference in New… More »

John Travolta Has Hair Again. Fancy That.

Presumably forged in the finest of Scientology slave camps, John Travolta walked around New York today with a new wig to hide his well-documented baldness because apparently he assumes people look at the Internet just as much as he does. Which is never because the first rule of Church of Scientology is: Don’t research The… More »

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