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Donald Trump On John McCain: ‘I Like People Who Weren’t Captured’

Donald Trump doesn’t like John McCain because he got captured in Vietnam and actually voiced that opinion out loud because Donald Trump. More »

It’s Safe Now, Apollo Theater, John McCain’s Here

Last year’s Apollo Theater fundraiser ended in Jamie Foxx grabbing Katie Holmes’ next to Colin Powell, so this year he had his work cut out for him. Fortunately, John McCain was on hand, and if there’s one thing Republicans love, it’s apparently dancing in the Hamptons. (I could’ve sworn it was chasing gays, blacks and… More »

Barack Obama is the President of the United States

Ladies and Gentleman, Barack H. Obama: The nation’s first African-American president!

An historic moment that none of us will ever forget.

The Superficial will return to its regularly scheduled chicanery tomorrow. But goddamn what a night.

EDIT: Just hell fucking yeah! I’m sorry, but this is a day a lot… More »

John McCain meets Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin

Before we dive into today’s posting, did everyone remember to set your clocks back? If you didn’t, congratulations, you can smoke/drink/pray to the Baby Jesus your face off for another hour because you’re ahead of the game!
The Superficial: We’re Like a Freakin’ National Treasure Over Here.

Senator John McCain stopped by… More »

Spencer Pratt hearts gay marriage

To all the readers who thought Spencer Pratt is gay, give yourselves a big ol’ pat on the back. Turns out that, despite their staunch Republican upbringing, Heidi and Spencer are huge supporters of same-sex marriage. Especially Spencer. The guy loves it (I mean, LOVES it) and couldn’t help but share his feelings with E!More »

Hayden Panettiere ‘endorses’ John McCain, drops the F-bomb

Hayden Panettiere, who claims she’s “hot enough to get your attention for 30 seconds,” gives a fake profanity-laden endorsement for John McCain in this FunnyOrDie video that’s 99% Die. Okay, listen, I’m liberal as they come, but for the love of God, knock this shit off. It’s not cute. It’s definitely not… More »

Paris Hilton offers advice to Sarah Palin

Paris Hilton is continuing her cute, little “presidential campaign” in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. When she’s not shilling for Rock Band 2 (Gotta love those MTV contracts), Paris had some friendly advice for a certain vice-presidential candidate:

My advice to Sarah Palin is, you’ve got a hot bod; don’t keep it to… More »

Sarah Palin is gosh-darn adorable a don’tcha know

Last night the Vice Presidential Debate took place between Republican Governor Sarah Palin and Democratic Senator Joe Biden. If you don’t know who these people are, please engage in activities with a high risk of infertility. Anyway, consider this post an open thread/romper room to get your politics on and sound off about… More »

Sarah Palin swimsuit video by insane demand

Before she was Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, she was Sarah Heath, aspiring model. By ridiculous request, here’s the video of Sarah during the swimsuit competition portion of the 1984 Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant. While 80’s hair and one-piece bathing suits don’t exactly raise my flag, I’ll admit the governor does have an… More »

Sarah Silverman endorses Barack Obama – by insulting black people

Sarah Silverman endorses Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama in this video that encourages her fellow Jews to blackmail their Florida-residing grandparents into voting for Obama. I posted it because I know how much you guys love when celebrities talk about politics. It’s your favorite :)

NOTE: Video is NSFW due to language… More »

Lindsay Lohan calls Sarah Palin a ‘media obsessed homophobe’

Lindsay Lohan continues to politically blog and this time takes Sarah Palin to task for her views on homosexuality. Lindsay also uses her MySpace blog to endorse Barack Obama who I’m willing to bet money heard the news and responded with “Aw hell no.”:

I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes… More »

Anne Hathaway, Raffaello Follieri and John McCain are on a boat…

Anne Hathaway’s ex Raffaello Follieri pled guilty yesterday to fraud after he pretended to be a CFO for the Vatican and bilked investors out of money. Today, he began repaying the government as part of his plea bargain and – wait a minute – who’s that guy in the purple hat? He looks… More »

Gina Gershon is Sarah Palin as you’ve never seen her before! (Not counting the Internet)

Gina Gershon stars in a spoof campaign video released today for McCain running mate Governor Sarah Palin. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to give away the ending but Gina Gershon strips down to a bikini and fires a shotgun. Somebody get this woman an Oscar. All of them. In… More »

Matt Damon: Sarah Palin is like ‘a really bad Disney movie’

Matt Damon basically Jason Bourne’d Governor Sarah Palin in the face today while in Toronto promoting ONEXONE a Canadian children’s charity. His major concern seems to be what happens when John McCain kicks the bucket in office if the Republicans win?:

“You do the actuary tables, there’s a one out of… More »

Russell Brand offered hosting duties for next year’s VMAs

British comedian Russell Brand has been asked to host the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards after giving the network a 20% ratings bump over last year’s show. However, he’s reluctant to accept after MTV censored some of his jokes aimed at Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Russell sat down with The Sun to… More »

Jamie Lynn Spears sends baby gift to Bristol Palin

Nobody knows more than Jamie Lynn Spears about being a teenager in the public spotlight while you’re carrying the child of your retarded redneck lover. In an act of support, Jamie Lynn sent a baby gift to Bristol Palin the pregnant 17-year-old daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. reports:

A source close to… More »

Lindsay Lohan: Political Blogger

Taking time off from having gross lesbian sex with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan threw her hat into the political spectrum today by using her MySpace blog to tackle the pervasive topic of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. I guess even Lindsay Lohan needs site traffic too. Then again, she could just buy a webcam. Just… More »

Sarah Palin’s future son-in-law revealed – Surprise! He doesn’t want kids

Well, it was only a matter of time until they found the guy who knocked up Bristol Palin the 17-year-old daughter of John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin. And, boy, is this kid amazing. Meet future shotgun groom Levi Johnston (above) who, in a triumph of the human spirit, makes Casey Aldridge and… More »

Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant

The 17-year-old daughter of John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin (a.k.a. Governor MILFalicious) is reportedly five months pregnant. The McCain campaign revealed the news to rebut rampant rumors that Governor Palin’s infant son is actually her grandson and she faked her pregnancy to protect her daughter Bristol. You seriously just read all that,… More »

John McCain picks a lady to be his Vice President

It’s a Friday before a holiday weekend, so what the hell? Let’s talk about John McCain (Hey, he’s a celebrity too!) and his sans penis vice presidential pick today: Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. Here’s the word from Reuters:

Palin, 44, a self-described “hockey mom,” is a conservative first-term governor of Alaska with… More »

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