John Grisham

John Grisham: ‘Child Porn Is Bad, I Am An Idiot’

Yesterday, John Grisham made himself an Internet punching bag by telling British newspaper The Telegraph that our justice system is too harsh on 60-year-old white men who get drunk and accidentally download child porn. A statement that was so stupid even John Grisham heard it and went, “Goddammit, John Grisham,” because here’s his apology:
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John Grisham: Lay Off Old Drunks Who Accidentally Download Child Porn

UPDATE: John Grisham’s sorry.

America has a vastly overpopulated prison system stemming from a host of socioeconomic reasons including poverty, racism, and capitalistic greed. Except if you ask John Grisham, the biggest problem is locking up affluent white men in their 60s who have a few too many drinks and “accidentally” download childMore »