Joe Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray is an Incredible Physician

Joe Jackson has filed a wrongful death suit against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician who administered the lethal dose of Propofol, and his legal team has apparently found a stripper who claims the good doctor not only invited her to the house when Michael was passed out, but was also drinking just hours… More »

Joe Jackson wants Kanye ‘blackballed’

Somehow I missed this little item of hilarity: Joe Jackson apparently issued a statement to TMZ encouraging the entertainment industry to blackball Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech:

“I don’t know what he was doing, he jumped up on stage and snatched that microphone out of that poor girl’s… More »

Joe Jackson gets the boot in custody deal

Joe Jackson will be reportedly forced out of his home per the custody arrangement agreed to by his wife Katherine and Debbie Rowe the biological mother of Michael Jr. and Paris, according to Showbiz 411:

When the custody deal for Michael Jackson’s kids is filed tomorrow in Los Angeles Family Court, it… More »

Joe Jackson confirms Omer Bhatti is Michael’s son

It was always rumored that Michael Jackson had a “secret son,” Omer Bhatti (above), who was mysteriously sitting with the Jackson family at Michael’s funeral. Well, the speculation can end because Joe Jackson confirmed in an interview with NewsOne that Omer is Michael’s son. Which is insanely fucked up because that means Michael… More »

Joe Jackson denies beating Michael Jackson

In an interview with Larry King last night, Joe Jackson denied ever beating Michael Jackson as a child. To back up his claims, Joe inexplicably goes on to say that “beating started with slavery,” and any parent who says they never spanked their kid is “a liar.” Except for apparently Joe Jackson… More »

Debbie Rowe wants the kids and restraining order against Joe Jackson

Debbie Rowe has thrown down the gauntlet and plans to seek custody of Michael Jr. and Paris who she maintains are her biological children. NBC Los Angeles reports:

“I want my children,” Rowe said during a 90-minute phone conversation Thursday morning with NBCLA’s Chuck Henry.
She said she would seek a restraining… More »

Michael Jackson’s will surfaces, complete F.U. to his father

A will signed by Michael Jackson in 2002 has surfaced and essentially leaves everything to his mother and three kids. Completely left out is his father Joe Jackson (above) who repeatedly beat Michael as a child. E! News reports:

According to the Wall Street Journal, the document–which will no doubt be the… More »