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Jodie Marsh: Still classy!

My new favorite British monstrosity Jodie Marsh stopped by a radio show yesterday and sent out a request for sperm from any willing donor. You see, Jodie’s apparently a lesbian now but won’t let that stop her from trying to conceive. Because there’s nothing a child loves more than finding out its father is some… More »

Jodie Marsh will bring a touch of elegance to your next social event

Jodie Marsh continued her silicon-fueled rampage through the English celebrity scene by attending soccer player Jermaine Defoe’s birthday party Sunday night. Wait, I didn’t know she did birthdays. She’d go perfect with my whiskey out of a brown bag at the strip club theme. Now, if only I could find Jodie in the Yellow Pages. More »

Jodie Marsh has ridiculous breasts

These are shots of British reality TV star Jodie Marsh at the premiere of Daylight Robbery. Jodie is apparently the scourge of the English celebrity scene and likes to show up at red carpet events in Spandex. Think Andy Dick but with gigantor boobs. That said, don’t tell me this isn’t Britney Spears in 10… More »

Jodie Marsh has great ideas for shirts

Jodie Marsh attended the photocall for her MTV reality show “Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up The Aisle” in which she looks for a husband in a nationwide casting call in the UK. And really, who wouldn’t want to marry this? The class. The dignity. The great fashion sense. But most of… More »

Jodie Marsh

Skanky celebrities are so creative when it comes to creating their outfits. In this video of Jodie Marsh at an FHM event, she has apparently put together a nice little top and bottom using just three belts. If you had told me yesterday that an outfit could be created from just three belts, I would… More »

Jodie Marsh

Glamour model Jodie Marsh drew gasps from celebs – and plenty of stares – when she showed up at a showbiz bash wearing next to nothing.

Talk about an attention whore. Maybe my tastes are just more refined than the average joe, but I really don’t enjoy seeing desperate ugly models dress in trashy… More »