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GOLDEN GLOBES: Holy Shit, Jodie Foster’s Gay?!

Jodie Foster being gay has always been one of the worst kept secrets of Hollywood, not to mention she already came out years ago. But apparently everyone, including Jodie, was shit-faced last night and forgot because the entire Internet splooshed its boatman over her Golden Globes speech that once you watch it, doesn’t really come… More »

Alright, Who Was Supposed To Keep An Eye on Jodie Foster?

I’ve gone on the record numerous times to voice my support for the homosexual community and essentially say that most, if not all, discrimination against them is based on the picking and choosing of text from a 2,000 year old heavily-edited book. That said, drugging our hottest actresses and attempting to sink your lesbian claws… More »

Mel Gibson Will Apologize. But Only To a Man.

“Okay, maybe to this one. But only ’cause she’s got the dyke.”

After publicly losing a cameo in The Hangover 2, Mel Gibson is starting to realize it’s time for another media mea culpa where he’ll share his side of the story involving Oksana Grigorieva. Except this time around he’s not going to… More »