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Good Morning, Joanna Krupa’s Sideboob, And Other News

Reese Witherspoon slums it at Cruel Intentions musical. [Lainey Gossip]

Chris Brown is ready to stop being violent. – BAHAHAHA! [Fishwrapper]

Casting Emma Stone as Asian will fucking kill your box office. [Dlisted]

Sexting Doesn’t Always Go As Planned [theCHIVE]

Your morning links.

The Superficial / June 1, 2015

Joanna Krupa Is Suing Brandi Glanville For Saying Her Vagina Smells

While the Internet loses it’s mind over Dick Poop (Et tu, PEOPLE?), we’re going to maintain our integrity and write about smelly vaginas. Over a year ago, Brandi Glanville made comments about Joanna Krupa having a stinky pussy and then apparently did it again just last month because someone told her how SEO works. E!

The Superficial / January 15, 2015

BEST OF 2014: Courtney Stodden Plays The Field

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year where we get to recycle old posts with high click-through rates because a amazingly profitable portion of you are nothing but lemmings with erections to us. I don’t even have to write anything, that’s how foolproof this is. Spurgle blargle wogga wogga. See? That was nonsense.

The Superficial / December 26, 2014

The Maxim’s Hot 100 Women of 2014 Celebration

Feedly is literally being held for ransom via DDoS attack, so I’m having a hell of morning because that’s where I get most of my shit. Fortunately, The Maxim’s Hot 100 Women Celebration was last night, so here’s that plus a bonus gallery of Candice Swanpoel looking fucking fantastic yesterday while I scrounge for post…

The Superficial / June 11, 2014

Why Is Joanna Krupa Hiding Her Butt?

Since we’re never going to start asking serious questions about the practically daily shootings happening in this country, I figured the least we could do is solve the almost equally as important mystery of how the hell Joanna Krupa appeared in two agency-exclusive bikini sets, yet not once was her ass photographed from behind. What…

The Superficial / June 10, 2014

Good Morning, Joanna Krupa, And Other News

- Chelsea Handler may have pimped Sandra Bullock to Captain America. [Lainey Gossip]
- L’Wren Scott’s sister wishes Mick Jagger’s penis could’ve mourned a tad longer. [Dlisted]
– What’s up, Emily Palos? [theCHIVE]
– No, Kirsten Dunst wasn’t Photoshopped. What makes you say that? [Fishwrapper]
– For $20,000, George R.R. Martin will kill you i…

The Superficial / June 9, 2014

Joanna Krupa In A Bikini Gets Her Own Post

Considering I just burnt an entire post on an aborted Spider-Baby joke, the least I can do is post some new bikini pics, so here’s Joanna Krupa posing for a photo shoot in Miami yesterday which may or may not be an shameless ploy to get more dis how chicken look jokes out of you.

The Superficial / April 2, 2014

Dis How Chicken Wear Pasties That Look Like Giant Areolas And Other News

- Chris Martin was probably banging Alexa Chung. [Lainey Gossip]
- Chelsea Handler just told E! to fuck itself. [Dlisted]
– Welcome to the time I thought Aubrey O’Day was Shauna Sands. [Celebslam]
- Bad Girls Bend And Snap [theCHIVE]
- Hilary Duff knows you’re thinking about proposing to her. [Fishwrapper]
- The Dixie Chicks

The Superficial / March 31, 2014

Bikinis, Photo Boy, HYAH! [Insert Whip Crack Here]

Because his employment technically qualifies as indentured servitude, I granted Photo Boy the whole day off yesterday under the auspice that I could shoot an apple off his head with an old Derringer I found. But before I do that, I felt it’d be a prudent to make him put together a whole bunch of…

The Superficial / February 18, 2014

Good Morning, Joanna Krupa, And Other News

- George Clooney started a prank war with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. [Lainey Gossip]
- Rihanna’s banging Drake again. [Dlisted]
- There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us [theCHIVE]
- Ryan Gosling does nothing for George Takei and may as well die now. [Fishwrapper]
- Matthew McConaughey will talk about wearing a stripper thong now.

The Superficial / February 10, 2014

Joanna Krupa Won The Pre-Grammys

Before we hit you a metric ass-ton of pics from the Grammys, here’s the best of the Pre-Grammy parties which is hands down Joanna Krupa followed by Taylor Swift’s body looking way tighter than it did at the Grammys, Rihanna wearing this yellow thing over her presumably naked body, Miley Cyrus actually wearing clothing i…

The Superficial / January 27, 2014

Joanna Krupa & Denise Richards Reenact ‘Wild Things’ (Or Just Have Lunch) And Other News

- Why Justin Bieber smiling in his mugshot won over your mom. [Lainey Gossip]
- Anne Hathaway wasn’t drowning, you guys, she was ACTING. [Dlisted]
– Like limber women? Get your ass in here. [theCHIVE]
– Never mind, Tila Tequila’s still crazy. [Fishwrapper]
- Teresa Palmer pregnant in a bikini, anyone? [tooFab]
- Justin Bieber

The Superficial / January 24, 2014

Joanna Krupa’s Backyard Is A Goddamn Oasis And Other News

- Aaron Sorkin’s banging Courtney Love? The Courtney Love? [Lainey Gossip]
- Bobbi Kristina went ahead and married her adopted brother. [Dlisted]
– There are sexy Chivers among us. 115 to be exact. [theCHIVE]
- Farrah Abraham’s therapy doesn’t involve lighting herself on fire? Malpractice! [Fishwrapper]
– It’s perfectly legitimate to ask why the hell…

The Superficial / January 13, 2014

Joanna Krupa Doesn’t Need AAA And Other News

- Gwyneth Paltrow let her children sell lemon water to the peasants. Charity lives! [Lainey Gossip]
- Farrah Abraham is still calling her porno a sex tape. [Dlisted]
- Goodbye Bras, Hello World! [theCHIVE]
- Shia LaBeouf is finally getting his dick sued off. [Fishwrapper]
- JWoww is really going to milk this pregnancy. [tooFab]…

The Superficial / January 10, 2014

I Love The Smell of Joanna Krupa In The Morning And Other News

- Amy Poehler and Emma Thompson need to be in the same room together. [Lainey Gossip]
– The time Lance Armstrong bribed a competitor by hiding money in a cake. No, really. [Dlisted]
- There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (115 to be exact.) [theCHIVE]
– Somehow Adam Levine was more full of himself i…

The Superficial / December 16, 2013

Brandi Glanville Won’t Stop Talking About Joanna Krupa’s Vagina

Last week, Brandi Glanville went on Watch What Happens Live and said Joanna Krupa’s pussy smells because The Real Housewives are a regal and classy affair rife with elegance and poise. It was a situation that almost blew over until Brandi got shithoused for her birthday over the weekend and started trashing Joanna’s vagina agai…

The Superficial / November 19, 2013

Guide Me, Joanna Krupa, Point Me In The Right Direction, And Other News

- Harry Connick Jr. tried to start shit with Mariah Carey. [Lainey Gossip]
– Here’s what Lady GaGa and R. Kelly performing on SNL looks like. [Dlisted]
- There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us [theCHIVE]
– Does Miranda Kerr even know how to work Photoshop? That should be the first question here. [Fishwrapper]
- Robert

The Superficial / November 18, 2013

Good Morning, Joanna Krupa, And Other News

- Emma Thompson forgives Helena Bonham Carter for banging Kenneth Branagh. [Lainey Gossip]
– This is what Cameron Diaz looks like in Annie. [Dlisted]
- Daria Konovalova Seems Expensive [theCHIVE]
– Just a reminder, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian bang all the time. [Fishwrapper]
Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie has a trailer. [tooFab]
- Laura

The Superficial / November 13, 2013

Joanna Krupa Doing Handstands In A Bikini Deserves Its Own Post

My Dearest Mabel,
I know not when I’ll return from these cold, harsh front lines of Germany, but if I do, I swear to make an honest woman out of you. I know our time apart has been long which is why I write to you this night to reinforce my hope for the future

The Superficial / November 11, 2013
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