Joan Tarshis

All The Shit Happening With Bill Cosby

Instead of writing 27 different posts about Bill Cosby like I did yesterday, here’s everything that’s happened since his lawyer called Janice Dickinson a liar in one handy post even though at this point at least three more accusers will probably come forward along with footage of Bill Cosby walking out of a pharmacy with… More »

Don Lemon To Bill Cosby Accuser: ‘Did You Try Not Getting Raped?’

Seen here letting Bill Cosby know that he’s ready for him and without being drugged (Unless that ruins it. In which case, why yes, he would like a drink…) CNN anchor Don Lemon demonstrated why so many of these women – and rape victims in general – waited for decades to come forward, and it’s… More »

A New Bill Cosby Rape Accuser Came Forward

When we last left Bill Cosby, his Twitter team thought it’d be a great idea to ask the Internet to “meme him” which ended with predictable results, and things haven’t got much better. His upcoming appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman was quietly pulled, and then on Saturday he made headlines after a… More »