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Why Hello, Reese Witherspoon In Heels

I make a lot of jokes about Reese Witherspoon being pregnant and.. being pregnant. But at the end of the day, she does keep her body in amazing shape for a woman who’s had three kids. (I’m banned from Facebook, aren’t I?) Which is why it’s a shame that she’s already pregnant again. Christ, you… More »

The Cop’s Dashboard Cam Recorded Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest. Yes.

Posted by Photo Boy

Remember when just reading the transcript for when Reese Witherspoon drunkenly freaked out on a cop was great? Well, the dash cam video from the cruiser (with clear audio) is even better because holy shit does chardonnay turn Reese into a surly diva. There’s even a part where she… More »

The Reese Witherspoon Got Arrested On Purpose Theories Have Started

Prior to being arrested for drunkenly hanging out a car window, yelling at a cop and demanding to stand on American ground because she’s an America, Reese Witherspoon had a squeaky clean image which she also sometimes used to tell upcoming starlets not to take naked pictures, so one might suggest she’s also Satan. Anyway,… More »

Reese Witherspoon Is Sorry She Got Drunk And Played The ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ Card

Seen here remarkably showing up to a screening of Mud last night, the same day news exploded all over the Internet that she and her husband were arrested for DUI and being a drunken crazy woman respectively, Reese Witherspoon would like to apologize for the following hilarious actions. Variety reports:

Toth was pulled… More »

Reese Witherspoon’s Pregnant Exactly Like I Called It A Year Ago. SUCK IT!

Back in July, I began speculating that Reese Witherspoon is pregnant, and pretty much kept at it with occasional pauses to point out she had an abortion because the fetus lacked a strong enough dagger-chin to crack free of its shell after birth, only to pick things back up again like a master detective who… More »