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Did Jessica Simpson Say Breasts?!

Jessica Simpson almost got a breast reduction, thus spitting in the face of God and nature. More »

And Now Back To Okay Pictures Of Jessica Simpson In A Bikini

Jessica Simpson’s Huge Veiny Boobs Love America

Jessica Simpson’s breasts support the troops, but could they have done more to honor such sacrifice? More »

Jessica Simpson Still Has Those Breasts

Jessica Simpson’s mammoth breasts are yours for the clicking. More »

So Jessica Simpson Might Be Pregnant

Jessica Simpson did say Eric Johnson was getting it. More »

So Jessica Simpson Is Broke

Jessica Simpson makes Budget rental car commercials now. More »

Jessica Simpson Has A Butt, Too

It’s Jessica Simpson’s butt in a bikini because she’s not just big ol’ breasts, you guys. She has other parts you can do stuff with, too. More »

Jessica Simpson’s Big Awesome Breasts In A Bikini

Jessica Simpson bikini photos will jump start your day. More »

The Jessica Simpson I Missed

Jessica Simpson’s breasts (hopefully) mark the end of a lonely, Crap We Missed-less existence. Fingers crossed. More »

And Now Back To Celebrity Boobs, Mainly Jessica Simpson’s

Hey, Jessica Simpson Wants You To Know She Banged Her Husband

Jessica Simpson in a bikini wants you to hate Eric Johnson. More »

BEST OF 2015: Jessica Simpson’s Nipples

Jessica Simpson Has A Butt?

Jessica Simpson has body parts besides her breasts? Since when? More »

Those Are Jessica Simpson’s Nipples

Jessica Simpson’s nipples made a rare public appearance because there’s still magic in this world. Great, big sloppy magic. More »

Jessica Simpson To Christie Brinkley: ‘You Made My Husband Jizz LOL’

Jessica Simpson is a case study in classy. More »

Jessica Simpson Was Christie Brinkley For Halloween? Why Not?

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson didn’t even hire Rick Baker? Heidi Klum will have them for breakfast. More »

Why Does Everyone Say Jessica Simpson Is Drunk All The Time?

I’m just not seeing it. More »

Jessica Simpson Wasn’t Drunk On HSN, That’s Just Her Personality

Was Jessica Simpson drunk on the Home Shopping Network, or is she just naturally incapable of talking like people? It’s a mystery. More »

Those Are Jessica Simpson’s Breasts

Jessica Simpson’s breasts are still really, really awesome. More »

Jessica Simpson’s Breasts Aren’t Hypocrites

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