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Rob Lowe’s ex-nanny is ‘allegedly’ a giant crazy whore

A new chapter has begun in the Rob Lowe sex scandal that everyone forgot about. James Maclear, a former chef for the Lowe’s, filed a declaration Friday that the ex-nanny accusing Rob of sexual harassment might be a cock-crazy psycho. Legally speaking. TMZ reports:

James Maclear says he worked for the Lowes as a… More »

Rob Lowe’s ex-nanny goes on PR blitz

Rob Lowe’s former nanny Jessica Gibson (above with high-powered attorney Gloria Allred) has definitely secured herself some good PR representation. Her family has been all over the media the past two days singing her praises and accusing the Lowe’s of overworking Jessica. Apparently Jessica’s half-sister Jamie helped Jessica land the job with the… More »