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Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Might Be Anti-Vaxxers

Jessica Biel reportedly refuses to vaccinate her son because reasons and stuff.

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A Child Passed Through Jessica Biel’s Vagina, His Name Is Silas

Justin Timberlake has to pay child support when he eventually gets caught cheating on Jessica Biel. (I’m not into lede burying.)

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Jessica Biel Is Pregnant. For Real.

It seems like only six days ago I wrote a post about Jessica Biel being pregnant, and that’s because I did because butt photos: whatever gets them on the site. But this time, there’s an “official” announcement from Us Weekly, so now we can all sleep at night knowing that, yes, Justin Timberlake has in…

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Jessica Biel’s Probably Pregnant

The biggest rumor going around right now is that Jessica Biel is probably pregnant which was only fueled more by the editor of InStyle publicly congratulating her on her “impending motherhood,” and Justin Timberlake showing up to the amfAR Gala without her. On top of that, you’ve got these photos that cost way more than…

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Let’s Get Stephen Collins Out of The Way

So here’s everything that’s happened since our last Stephen Collins post where he allegedly told his wife he’s glad they didn’t have a son because he wouldn’t be able to “keep his little penis out of his mouth,” and we all threw up because that’s literally the most fucked up shit I’ve ever heard in…

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Blake Lively’s Cleavage And These Other People At The MET Gala

Posted by Photo Boy

So here’s everyone else at last night’s MET Gala, which was supposed to have something to do with punk rock, but I didn’t see Avril Lavigne there, so that can’t be right. *dodges broken bottles* I guess the point of this event is to raise a shit-ton of money…

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Jessica Biel Already Wants To Act With Justin Timberlake. BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have barely been married a month and already she wants the two of them to act together because the key to a good marriage is suffocation. Hours upon hours of suffocation. Leave no hope for escape. Via Us Magazine:

“I think you have to be very careful about…

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Gerard Butler Hates Himself For Losing Jessica Biel

When we last left Gerard Butler, fellow cokehead Lindsay Lohan was convinced she could get him to star in a Lifetime movie with her, and things really haven’t improved since then because apparently he sits around now sulking about how he got to have sex with Jessica Biel without marrying her. It’s like living in…

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Justin Timberlake Apologizes For Homeless Video, Now With Easy-To-Read Translations For The Poor

Now that everyone knows his best friend made a wedding video mocking homeless people he may or may not have paid $40, Justin Timberlake has written an open letter on his website (which has since crashed) apologizing for the video and taking full responsibility for it if full responsibility means immediately using his charity work…

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Homeless Man Made $40 To Appear In Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Wedding Video

Thanks to Justin Timberlake having shit taste in friends, everyone’s talking about his wedding to Jessica Biel but only in the context of why the fuck his douchebag buddy Justin Huchel (Huchel. H-U-C-H-E-L) would make homeless people wish them good luck at their $6.5 million ceremony in southern Italy. And, of course, TMZ tracked down…

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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel’s $6.5 Million Wedding Made Fun Of The Homeless

During Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s $6.5 million wedding in Italy last weekend, Justin’s good pal, real estate agent Justin Huchel thought it’d be hilarious to record a bunch of homeless people in LA congratulating the happy couple and saying they couldn’t make it because, haha, they’re totally poor! WACKA WACKA! Via Gawker:

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Jessica Biel Wore This And Other News

- Taylor Swift is stalking the Kennedys. [Lainey Gossip]

– Guys, sometimes we have just to have see things from their perspective. [theCHIVE]

- Kim Kardashian’s divorce from her previous fake marriage is holding up her newest fake marriage. [Dlisted]

– The Texas A&M shooter was really into guns,…

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The 2012 ESPY Awards

And now that we’ve seen how far people will go in the name of sports, here’s Jessica Biel, Hayden Panettiere, Olivia Munn and bunch of other people with less famous tits at The 2012 ESPY Awards which reportedly featured Joe Paterno in a video tribute because, yeah, maybe some kids got raped, but a leather…

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It’s Jessica Biel’s Butt In A Bikini

Until now, I would’ve safely said no other bikini butt photos could ever come close to matching the power and ass-majesty of Leighton Meester in Hawaii. It was like staring into the face of Butt-halla as winged Valkyries gave you a lap dance. But then out of the sea came Jessica Biel in Puerto Rico…

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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Are Engaged

After having sex with Mila Kunis, Olivias Munn and Wilde, probably Amanda Seyfried and pretty much anyone with a vagina who walked past him, Justin Timberlake decided to get back together with Jessica Biel and propose to her because.. he smokes a lot of weed? Beats me. Us Weekly reports:

Timberlake, a six-time…

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Jessica Biel’s Ass Is Amazing And Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

– NBC feels that Ryan Seacrest hasn’t invaded your life enough yet. [Huffington Post]

- The Three Stooges trailer is exactly the turd I was anticipating. [Dlisted]

– With the exception of Kate Upton dressed as a slutty nun. (It’s still goddamn awful.) [Popoholic]

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Jessica Biel Wore This and Other News

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– If you don’t understand James Franco, you’re a moron, says James Franco. [Huffington Post]

– When Omar Sharif tells you to wait your turn, you do it. [Dlisted]

- Kate Bosworth replaced Alexander Skarsgard with this. But how are his rape skills? [Lainey Gossip]…

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Mila Kunis Was Almost Jessica Biel

We already know that Mila Kunis cost Jessica Biel a boyfriend by filming Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake who fucks everything he co-stars with that isn’t nailed down, and even then. But apparently Mila also cost Jessica acting work because the writers decided to reveal at last night’s premiere that she was originally up…

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Jessica Biel is Banging Gerard Butler

While Justin Timberlake is knee deep in Mila’s Kunis, Jessica Biel is apparently rebounding from their break-up by having casual sex with Gerard Butler who I honestly forgot was still out there. Via E! News:

Apparently Gerard made a beeline for Biel on March 15 when they were out for a crewmembers birthday…

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Mila Kunis Broke Up Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

When news broke last week that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel called it quits, the list of women responsible were legion because he basically started cheating on her two minutes into the relationship. But now I can safely say it was definitely Mila Kunis’ fault because her handlers felt the need to immediately tell People

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