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Jerry O’Connell Cuckolded Himself On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Jerry O’Connell told his 6-year-old twin girls their favorite TV uncle used to bang their mother in real life. Your move, Chris Brown. More »

Clarissa Explains All The Drugs She Did

I’ve always just considered Melissa Joan Hart one of the squeaky clean celebrities which probably explains why she’s releasing a book titled Melissa Explains It All about her drug-fueled party days so I’ll look at her in a different light and tell her to leave her husband. It’s so transparent, it’s adorable. Anyway, here she… More »

Jerry O’Connell Was Almost Cool Again

At the beginning of the month Jerry O’Connell decided to pop his head out of obscurity and show the world he’s secretly been honing his body to become one of the greatest photobombers of our generation. (Second only to Michael Douglas.) While I was quick to make a joke about his career, others were equally… More »

Elle Macpherson’s still got it and other news

- Victoria Beckham goes overkill on the bronzer for her first day on American Idol. Even George Hamilton went “Are you kidding me?” then instructed his wife to tan him with a flamethrower. True story. [Lainey Gossip]

- Brad Pitt is not running for mayor of New Orleans. He is, however, running for… More »

Rebecca Romijn births twins

Rebecca Romijn (I keep wanting to add Stamos) and Jerry O’Connell welcomed twin baby girls over the holiday. The news was announced this morning by the couple’s good friend Howard Stern as a consolation for ducking his wedding in October. E! News reports:

The shock jock was entrusted by pals Rebecca Romijn and Jerry… More »

Rebecca Romjin knocked up by Jerry O’Connell (I’m pretty sure one of these people is famous. I think.)

Rebecca Romjin and Jerry O’Connell are having twins. Yay! Now they won’t be entirely alone in obscurity. People reports:

The babies are due this winter.
And just a little more than a week ago, O’Connell, 34, told PEOPLE, “We’re trying to get pregnant.”
“It would be amazing if it happened,” he… More »

Ben Stiller defends Tom Cruise

Ben Stiller and other celebrities are defending Tom Cruise after several Scientology videos were leaked last week and an unauthorized autobiography about Tom was released. People reports:

“Imagine having a baby and people talking about it the way they did,” says Stiller. “People lose sight of the fact that Tom Cruise… More »

Jerry O’Connell obtains Internet relevancy

Jerry O’Connell and the guys at spoof the Tom Cruise Scientology videos that hit the web last week. I don’t know what’s more surprising: The hilarious spot-on impression or Jerry O’Connell starring in something I’d openly recommend to people. … More »

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell get married

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell got married on Saturday in a western-themed ceremony on their ranch in Los Angeles. And I hope they have a happy marriage and all that, but this is just confusing. Rebecca Romijn is a former Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. And Jerry O’Connell? Well he showed up to… More »