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Rachel Uchitel Will Apparently Bang Anything

And by anything I mean Jeremy London. You just read that.

According to RadarOnline, Jeremy’s ex-wife/also crazy drug addict Melissa Cunningham is accusing him of sleeping with the Ground Zero of Tiger Mistresses, Rachel Uchitel, while the two are filming the misleadingly named Celebrity Rehab together: … More »

The Stupidest Quote I’ve Ever Seen in My Life

Jeremy London’s wife Melissa Cunningham has basically come forward to reveal that the actor was trying to “score drugs” the night he was allegedly kidnapped and forced to take all the drugs he’s addicted to. Except even after being aware of this fact – and presumably possessing a modicum of common sense – check out… More »

Jeremy London: ‘I Used Acting to Escape’

I don’t know what’s taking the police so long to blow this thing out of the water, but Jeremy London is now giving exclusive interviews where he claims to have used his acting ability to escape his harrowing kidnapping ordeal where he was conveniently forced to do all the drugs he loves while currently being… More »

Jeremy London’s Alleged Kidnapper: ‘We Partied Our Asses Off’

Brandon Adams, the man accused of kidnapping Jeremy London and forcing him to do drugs at gunpoint, has finally told his side of the story to RadarOnline and what follows is your usual tale of shady drug addicts doing shady drug addicty things that they’ll lie about later: … More »

Jeremy London’s Family: ‘Dude. Quit It.’

Despite threats from his lawyer, Jeremy London’s family is refusing to stop publicly seeking help for the actor by making it abundantly clear his kidnapping story is the by-product of a severe drug addiction. People reports: … More »

And Bullshittier…

Seen here in 2008, Jeremy London’s wife Melissa Cunningham is now claiming the police told her and Jeremy that random kidnappings where the victims are forced to do drugs are part of a new crime wave in Palm Spring. Except, surprise, this is the only time it’s ever happened/someone’s been stupid enough to make this… More »

Jeremy London’s Story Keeps Getting Bullshittier

Jeremy London, a known drug addict, claimed last week that he was kidnapped by two men who forced him to smoke crack and buy alcohol while driving him around in his own car. Since then his family has come forward to essentially say he’s making this shit up and now the story has taken some… More »

Jeremy London’s Family Doesn’t Believe Him

Considering the entire Internet went “Wait. Wasn’t that a Six Feet Under episode?”, the house of cards that is Jeremy London’s fucked-up story about being forced to smoke crack by kidnappers is already falling apart. In an interview with E! News, Jeremy’s mother and twin brother Jason say he needs to get help: … More »

Jeremy London Kidnapped, Forced to Do All the Stuff He Likes

Party of Five actor Jeremy London claims to have been kidnapped last week by two men who stopped to help him change a tire. During his short time in captivity he was forced to smoke crack and buy alcohol which wouldn’t sound so strange if Jeremy London wasn’t a recovering drug addict going through a… More »