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Jon Hamm’s Penis Wanted Kids

Jon Hamm’s the one who wanted kids? Holy gender roles, Batman. More »

Jon Hamm Is Officially, 100% Single (For Real This Time)

Jon Hamm’s Penis Might Be Single

Who’s ready to walk bow-legged? More »

Jon Hamm Called Justin Bieber A Shithead

Jon Hamm is the cover interview for the May issue of Men’s Fitness who I’ll just assume has a monthly feature called “Zen And The Art of Letting People See Your Dick.” Less importantly (You read that.), he takes a crack at Justin Bieber for being a stupid little shithead surrounded by yes men. Via… More »

That’s Jon Hamm’s Penis In Sweatpants

Just when you thought B-Bare was going to be the biggest swinging dick on the site today, here’s Jon Hamm taking a walk with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt who apparently likes to let him out of the house in sweatpants from time to time just so you bitches know. Just so you bitches know… and… More »

Wait, Everyone On ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Homophobic? My World Is A Lie!

Guys, you may want to sit down for this, I’ve got some pretty shocking news. You know that reality show Duck Dynasty? The one about the Christian, self-proclaimed rednecks who live in the backwoods of Louisiana and everyone at Walmart goes nuts about? Not a big fan of the gays. Crazy, right? I almost didn’t… More »

Jon Hamm Is Thrilled His Penis Is Getting Its Picture Taken Again, Just Thrilled

Jon Hamm’s already made it clear to Rolling Stone that he hates the Internet’s looking at his large penis, so understandably he’s not going to be exactly chipper when he spots the paparazzi. A situation I can sympathize with because people don’t understand men like Jon and I have thoughts and feelings, too. Did you… More »

Hey, AMC, Leave Jon Hamm’s Penis Alone

Of all the natural wonders of the world, Jon Hamm‘s penis truly hangs mightily above them all. A girthuous gift from God himself to remind us, his most beloved creation, that sometimes a penis can be a masterful work of art, and if one should attempt to hide such beauty with garments of thread, they… More »

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

And we’re spent with the Golden Globes already, so here’s the rest of the fancy people there including hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who based on the illegal YouTube clips I could barely understand, did an awesome job calling everyone in Hollywood crybaby assholes to their faces. But before everyone thinks they’re so witty… More »

Oh Yeah, That’s Jon Hamm’s Penis

So bad news, Jon Hamm did not break up with Jennifer Westfeldt. Good news, you can totally see his penis in these pictures. In fact, if you squint hard enough, you can hear it say underwear is “pathetic” before diving into a glass full of Canadian Club.

I’m typing my daydreams into posts… More »

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