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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Had Another Baby, Oh Good

Jenelle Evans and one of the other Teen Moms who actually doesn’t inspire self-castration had babies. More »

Jenelle Evans Is Wanted For Assaulting Her Ex-Fiance

Jenelle Evans is wanted for an alleged assault that happened a week after she got arrested for driving without a license, so things are going great. More »

Teen Mom Jenelle Actually Made The World A Better Place. What The Hell Just Happened?

Within the span of just one week, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans managed to sell the following stories to Radar/Star/National Enquirer (All the same company.):

– She’s pregnant.
– She’s getting a divorce.
– She’s having a miscarriage.
– She’s getting back with her ex that allegedly beat her because her… More »

MTV, Let’s Have A Talk About Teen Mom Jenelle

MTV, above you’ll see a picture of your Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans with her ex-fiance Gary Head who she claims beat her but has now gone back to because she now claims her current husband Courtland Rogers also beat her and knocked up his ex shortly before knocking her up. And if you’re wondering… More »

Teen Mom Jenelle’s Tweeting Her ‘Miscarriage’ Now

Let me just start this post off by saying reality television is a goddamn blight upon our society for one very specific reason that surprisingly isn’t the Kardashians: It tells women who watch it, and worse young girls, that way overboard drama is okay because every. thing. in. life. is. super. fucking. important. Add knocked… More »

Teen Mom Jenelle’s Husband Is Already Cheating On Her Or Vice Versa

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers got married in December after a month of dating, announced she’s already pregnant at only six weeks and then immediately started tweeting baby bump photos as well as paternity tests from his kid with his ex, so almost all the pieces for a healthy, well thought-out relationship… More »

Of Course ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle’s Only Six Weeks Pregnant, Of Course

Yesterday, the Internet got to enjoy a collective “Aw, goddammit” when Jenelle Evans, easily the stupidest, most white trash of the Teen Moms (You tried your best, Amber.) announced she’s pregnant again by immediately selling the exclusive news to Star before she even finished wiping from the test because, surprise, she’s only six weeks pregnant. More »

Teen Mom Jenelle is Pregnant, And Yes, That’s The Stupid Drug Addict One Who Loves Ke$ha

In the past year and a half, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has managed to blow all her MTV money on implants, go in and out of jail for fighting, drugs and being an all-around idiot in general, get engaged to a guy who a beats her only to leave him and immediately marry another… More »

Teen Mom Jenelle Got Married

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans got married in a “shotgun” courthouse wedding yesterday, and no, not to the dude she got engaged to a few months ago after he beat the shit out of her, but a different dude who already tattooed her name across his chest because everyone involved here makes incredible life decisions. More »

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Got Engaged To That Dude She Publicly Claimed Beat Her. Of Course.

According to Us Weekly, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has announced she’s engaged to boyfriend Gary Head who, and I’m trying to remember all this correctly even though I actively tried to avoid most of this information, she openly accused on Facebook of beating her because she was hanging out with her ex Kieffer who, after… More »

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